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Pitchfest - Aug 25th:  What’s in it for ME?

A realistic question, though it can sound a bit me-centric, for anything we do is a simple one:  What’s In It For ME?

Indeed, for every new entrepreneur, time and energy are desperately precious commodities.  In fact, it is also true for everyone who initiates any project, even the smallest:  Why oh why am I contemplating attending a pitchfest?  Yep: What’s in it for me?

There are lots of reasons, all different depending on what you need right now! Are you?
  • An Entrepreneur / Budding Young Entrepreneur / Startup / Business Owner:  you need to attend pitchfest after pitchfest to sharpen your skills, see how others are trying to win over investors, and get the concept, an important one for any entrepreneur who will eventually need to enrol others in your enterprise.
  • Still in school? Start practising your pitching skills by creating a pitch for every big assignment. You'll be ready to pitch that great idea you’ve been cooking up whilst achieving better grades and improving your intellectual grasp of each subject you approach.
  • A Not For Profit or Social Enterprise with a new project (note that you are also entrepreneurs and are contemplating a startup!):  as much as someone looking for a profit-making venture, you need to set yourself up for success as you help no one by failing!  Does your NFP status give you a Get Out of Jail Free card for fuzzy thinking?  NO!
  • Anyone else who wants to get the simplest project off the ground:  Attend pitchfests to learn how much time and effort is needed to take your initial idea and hone it down until it is comprehensible to everyone, whether you need or seek investment or not.  No project benefits from fuzzy thinking and there is nothing like a time limit and a critical audience to motivate you to refine your ideas and how you will implement them, whether for profit, NFP, a crowdfund, or just a camping trip!  Almost every project requires enrolling others, preparation, and organising resources!  A pitchfest is a place to watch how carefully and how successfully (or unsuccessfully) others are taking this task on.

You want to DO something, just about anything!, that gives a good outcome? Try studying how those pitching at a pitchfest have scraped and polished out all of the fluff, forced themselves to drill down into every idea, answered those tough questions from coaches, come up with a catchy, comprehensible, short pitch to help yourself to succeed and to show others why they should support you!

It's not just the competitors who are under pressure; look at these judges how intense their concentration is. They have to focus on every expression, every nuance, every detail and come up with the questions after a three-minute presentation that gives them the winner. Yes, you have to prepare your pitch with this sort of intensity of scrutiny in mind.  It may feel tough at the time, but facing that intense scrutiny will only help you refine your ideas so that they are crystal clear.
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