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Welcome <<First Name>>, 

Our first meeting (via Zoom) is ready to happen!

Hopefully, lots of us can make this time/date:

29 October, Monday, 7:30 pm.  Zoom link will come through over the weekend.

With a little luck, a draft agenda will be up on Google Docs and the link shared with you soon.  Please do not only read the agenda but also contribute (feedback, suggestions, edits, comments, additions, or whatever) such that it becomes a collaborative document rather than the work of a central hierarchical authority!

We have a lot to work through including how to structure our meetings.

My suggestion is that we at a minimum start with a moment of silence and that short check in to chuck on the table anything that might prevent you from being present for the meeting.

I would also like to experience at least one contemplative/silent/meditative/intuitive/trust building practice in the course of the meeting.

And there will also be a lot of yapping.  I will come to the meeting with the intention of staying conscious and present even when I have lots to say (this is a rigorous practice for me as I am soooo bad at it!).

You can see that I’m really keen on keeping up the Connection With Direction/Purpose Summit style practices as well as getting the work done.  This is my personal preference but the group must decide!





Anyone interested in helping out with a funding grant writing project???  

TRC offers a funding bucket of $35,000 with a $5,000 max per applicant.  More than one application can go in from one organisation.

Our FAC committee (which is part of ST just as CWD is…) is going to put in a grant request for FAC for $4,500.  That committee is OK with us putting in a second application.

Description of the proposal: scroll down past the Help Wanted paragraph!

Seamus can devote a little time to this.  I propose that I write most of the blah-blah over the weekend as I am the usual writer for us and I know the background.

What we two could really use help with are the following:
  • Editing and proofreading.  I can usually write ok, but I am totally crap at proofing or editing my own work.  Seamus cannot find the time (he is my usual backstop for this task!).
  • Preparation of budget.  (Seamus will help with this--you will not be on your own!)
  • Soliciting 2 quotes per expense.  In this case that means:
    • Advertising:  one quote each from Tablelander and The Express
    • Social media:  2 quotes from social media mavens.  Val Cozens and Jess Fealy come to mind.  Must include $$ to boost posts and a 6 month campaign.
    • Venue hire:  only Destiny Cafe comes to mind but we can think of another.
    • Catering???
    • ??
  • Possibly looking through videos and pics if that is appropriate (must study grant application more closely)
  • Possibly finalisation of document and dispatch.

Proposal (we had to come up with a quick and sure-fire plan as they often want proven programs to reduce risk and we have no time to propose a visionary new program):
  • 6 months of funding to cover Lunch and Learns, one per month. (we have a great track record with L&L’s)
  • Coverage of funding to include advertising, social media, catering, venue hire, possibly something to cover volunteers” out of pocket expenses such as petrol, printing, etc.
  • Close to $5000 total.
  • ??

Seamus and I will be thrilled if heaps of hands go up!  No worries if little experience in this area.  This can be a learning (instant learning!) situation!

Many thanks to anyone who does bravely put a hand up!

Christine 0419 656 247 and Seamus 0410 609 267

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