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Youssef Shoufan pour Exeko
Ten years already, magnificent. Your utopia, your determination, your creation. Your capacity and your uniting talent … One thing is certain, what you have planted grows and grows, the best thing being it imposes a and also many continuities … One day, I wrote and said “It isn’t by thinking small that we become tall” Today, your original grand projects, you’ve made them available to all even the tiniest. That is thinking large.

 Jean Rok, founder of En piste,
ex-director of the École Nationale de Cirque
and Exeko's friend
You wish to learn more about the Presumption of Equality of Intelligence? Then don’t wait to discover the illustrated definition by the talented artist Lili Sohn. It is a fine and humorous explanation that you will find in her comic “Portrait de rue”. Animation is more your style? Marine Lestrade’s stop-motion will allow you to easily grasp our approach. 

What’s better with all this cold and snow than looking back on our 10th anniversary celebrations at the Village au Pied du Courant this summer.
Discover through a video intellectual mediation, practice that we’ve worked to develop through the years, recognized by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, that consist in creating egalitarian spaces in which we can think collectively, awaken our minds, listen to each other and speak up about tomorrow’s society we wish for. A capsule by Ezra Bridgman during the Quelques émancipations : Regards croisés sur la médiation intellectuelle et des pratiques de transformations sociales Seminar.
Luis Dávila
Opening of creative spaces between indigenous and non-native citizens
The call for projects of our next artistic residency aboard our philosophical and cultural van is now open! You have until January 31st to apply for this artistic residency, supported by the Inspirit Foundation, that aims to deconstruct identity prejudices and to shine a light on young indigenous artists. You are an artist? You are indigenous or define yourself as such? Don't wait, apply!
(c) Mescalinart Peyotl
Sight accessibility as a lever to culture and knowledge accessibility
In collaboration with the Green Shield Canada Foundation and The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation in born IncluVision, a project aiming to foster accessibility to knowledge and culture by reducing the limiting factors of accessibility to visual health care in urban areas and in Canada’s Great North. IncluVision adopts a multidisciplinary approach in collaboration with ocular health care professionals, community organizations, health, education and culture programs as well as citizens.
Clem Onojeghuo
Many donations
for Libre-Library
After two Christmas deliveries of over 10 boxes of books for the shelves of the micro-librairies at The Old Brewery Mission and the Acceuil Bonneau, it’s now the return of the "Sorting-Fridays". A monthly gathering of Exeko’s team (volunteers, mediators and members of the office) allowing the sorting of the hundreds of donation books we receive around a potluck meal. A pleasant way to actualize the contents of the Bibliosource in order to better respond to the demands from the field or of our different projects and partners.
Sarah Bengle pour Exeko
Trickster is flying to communities
After its stop, last December, in the Innu community of Nutashkuan, the Trickster Raconte Moi Ta Langue project will be off to the Anishnabe community of Lac Simon from the 12th to the 27nth of January and in the Cree community of Waswanipi from the 19th of January until the 3rd of February.
(c) Mailis Burgaud
News from the team
A huge thank you to Marie-Pierre Gadoua who takes on new challenges after 4 years of fervent work as an Exeko mediator. By her deep knowledge of anthropology and daily work with the indigenous communities of Montreal and in Canada’s Greater North, she will have helped grow Exeko with her passion. We wish you the best Marie-Pierre.

In this new year, our best wishes to all our partners who gave us their support in 2016!



We warmly thank the Ville de Montréal and the Ministère de la Communication du Québec through the Entente pour le Développement Culturel for their support.

The Montréal Arts Council commits to support our Laboratoire Culture Inclusive.

and the Fondation du Grand Montréal

We also thank the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation for their renewed support. 

In new partnerships, the Inspirit Foundation now supports our aboriginal projects.

Finally, we thank the Mile End-Mordecai Richler and Plateau Mont-Royal libraries for the donation of over 40 book boxes. Adding to those, multiple donations from citizens for a total of over 49 book boxes, meaning over 1300 volumes were collected for the Biblio-Libre network.

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⤏  French Press review:

○ Bibliothèque(s) , « Le(s) comment(s) de l'innovation sociale : expérience en terre québécoise », par Caroline Foujanet, numéro 85/86 - octobre 2016
○ Radio Canada, « L'apprentissage de la langue innue par le biais des arts de la scène », entrevue d'Alessia De Salis et Janie Greffe-Bélanger au sujet du projet Raconte Moi Ta Langue, 12 décembre 2016
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