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Mikael Theimer
What is important is to consider that the other person is neither inferior, […] nor superior. […] We are equals; we are two human beings who talk and who can learn from […] each other. That can help us transform ourselves, the other people and society in general.

 Jean-Nicolas Ouellet, student at UQAM and observer
during the colloque “Quelques émancipations”
○ As part of the Inside Out Project intiatied by the street artist JR in tribute to William Notman, the McCord Museum reveals twenty-one portraits of visionary Montrealers. Nadia Duguay was selected as a one of the community visionaries, along with Philippe Lamarre et Marie-Josée Parent. Discover the large-format portraits of the different actors in various city boroughs.

With more than 300,000 citizens and 100 organizations and institutions, we are a signatory of the OXFAM-Québec declaration to end tax heavens. Access the photographs shot during the unveiling on February 2.
A few years ago for St Valentine’s Day, we distributed roses and cupcakes in the street to our participants and to citizens at risk of being excluded but also to those not at risk (thanks a thousand times to the super volunteers who had found the flowers and had baked the cupcakes) and we would like to organize it again this year. Are you a florist or pastry chef? Do you like to cook and would like to contribute? Do you know anyone who would like to donate flowers and/or cupcakes? Would you like to write a love letter which will be distributed on the 14th? Contact us.
Mikael Theimer
Our Inclusive Culture Laboratory
goes around

From the Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, to the Orchestre Métropolitain de Montréal, passing by Bibliothèque et Archives nationale du Québec, to the Maison Théâtre, to the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, to the Place des Arts and to the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, our combined team of researchers experiments its first year of investigation, from institution to institution. Next stops: Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, Salle Bourgie and Opéra de Montréal.
(c) Exeko
Métissages Urbains
Call for Proposals extension

We are looking for an Aboriginal artist to take over the artistic direction of a co-creation residency in the public space and with citizens (between March and June). Artist fee of $1,650 + $1,000 of material. All artistic disciplines are welcome!
Our first stepsin the High North!
A combination of Trickster and idAction workshops will take place simultaneously from February 12th to March 9th with the Kangiqsualujjuaq community in Nunavik: a first time for our teams.
We think with
the Itinéraire’s street sellers

This month, we are starting a first 20h cycle of idAction workshops with the team of the well-known magazine the Itinéraire! On the program: detection of sophisms and social analysis to produce articles or any other project born out of our participants’ minds.
(c) Mikael Theimer
News from the team...

Congratulations to Adrien Courtecuisse who adds a mandate of Executive Assistant on the top of his Communications Coordinator position!

○ Welcome to Sophie Rioux-Olivier who joins the Social Innovation Lab as a Project Officer and to David Champagne who becomes a facilitator..
...and volunteers

 Welcome to the 16 new volunteers present during the information session last Tuesday.

The Introduction to Intellectual Mediation session took place on January 31th, 2017 for 12 Exeko volunteers: 2h30 of exchange, facilitated by Kena, Clément and all the volunteers present that evening. Excellent moments of exchange, practice and analysis of IM.

○ We are always looking for talented photographers to document our projects but also to shoot portraits of our dear volunteers (to grow our office mural!). Interested? Write to Mailis.
We like our community

Every month, we introduce you in this section to one of the fabulous human beings who gravitates around us: volunteers, participants, partners… This week, Marie Lefbevre from Partnerships introduces us to Mathilde Michaud, volunteer.

“The only thing that cannot disappoint us is what we have created ourselves.”  

“C’est un poète, écrivain, dessinateur qui m’a dit ça à l’Accueil Bonneau” me raconte Mathilde Michaud à la suite d’une sortie.
“A poet at the Accueil Bonneau told me that”, explains Mathilde Michaud after a workshop. Mathilde pushed Exeko’s door a few months ago to join the large team of volunteers. She has participated to idAction Mobile (our cultural and philosophical van), to idAction and comes back every time she can. Participating to the mediations with Exeko is like jumping on a different context, meeting people with a new angle that everyday life and routine do not always allow for. [READ MORE]
(c) Mailis Burgaud


We warmly thank the Ville-Marie borough for its renewed support via the cultural initiatives support program.

We also thank RISE and Location Jean Légaré for their renewed support to our philosophical caravan IdAction Mobile


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⤏  Revue de presse en français :

○ CANAL M, « La médiation culturelle avec des personnes en situation d’exclusion sociales », par Benoit Racette, entrevue avec Dorothée De Collasson dans le cadre de l’émission « Accès Libre », 17 janvier 2017

○ Radio Canada, « Région zéro 8 », interview d'Alexandra Pronovost sur Raconte Moi Ta Langue, 31 janvier 2017

○  Artere, « 5 questions au sujet du Laboratoire Culture Inclusive », interview de Nadia Duguay, 1er février 2017

○  Radio Cré, « Iris Marion Young : une philosophie différente », chronique de William-Jacomo Beauchemin sur le Laboratoire Culture Incluse, émission Micro-éthique, 6 février
Conférences et événements

Partenaires / Partners

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