Keeping the link despite the circumstances
    The Covid-19 pandemic: uncertainty and need for solidarity
Dear Family of the World Union of Olympic Cities, 
In these troubled times, our first thoughts go to all of you and we consider it essentiel to maintain links between us. 
At the beginning of the crisis, we all saw the striking images of empty stadia or the ceremony of the lighting of the Olympic torch in Olympia with no crowds. And we started to cancel events in our own agenda. But we have now entered a phase when all this has become "anecdotic" compared to the seriousness of the world sanitary situation. 
Time has come to individually show solidarity by isolating ourselves to protect others. This does not mean we should stop communicating and we will continue to share information. This does not mean we will stop working but rather we will patiently continue to collect best practices, develop cases for the toolkit and prepare our annual gathering in October.
Please keep safe and looking towards the future. The Union's team is looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you again. 
World Union of Olympic Cities
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