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    Virtual Gathering, Shared Pleasure
For the first time, our annual gathering will be held online. Due to the circumstances, some may think it is not worth doing, that it is too much of a challenge, that it represents too many uncertainties. This is not untrue. But it is also in the DNA of the Union to adapt to a new situation, find innovative solutions and work outside our comfort zone – and perhaps yours as well.
The Union has always innovated! In 2017, we inaugurated the every-other-year- abroad Summit. It was a huge challenge and today, we are proud to say that after the Montreal and the Tokyo editions, participants have enjoyed this alternation with Lausanne. The same year, we introduced an additional trip which allows all of us to discover, in the field, the living legacy of Olympic Cities. After the great visits to Lake Placid, Grenoble/Chamrousse and Sapporo, you will realise that you are probably already missing the 2020 trip we are not able to take.
Adaptation and anticipation are key in today's world- particularly in unexpected times. And this year's online Summit is another step in our approach, one that translates our desire to remain close and connected with our Members. We hope to "see" you in a month!
    On the spot

Programme of the
2020 Smart Cities & Sport Summit!

Lausanne, Switzerland -
Online worldwide!


The Smart Cities & Sport schedule has been adapted to its new virtual format. This year, the Smart Cities & Sport Summit and the Annual Meeting of the Olympic Cities are merged into a programme that provides a larger segment to case studies and speakers originated from Olympic Cities. Access is entirely free for city entities, but registration is necessary to attend. Click here to register! In order to ensure that our entire community of attendees has the chance to join the Summit live and partake in the discussions as they take place, sessions will be held as described below. All sessions will nonetheless be available to all registered participants in a replay format and discussion forums will remain open after sessions, enabling everyone to tailor their attendance to the Summit according to their own agenda!

Tuesday, October 27


Morning session 9:00-11:00 CET

Outlook for the Future
What is the potential of sport in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Peace and Sport
How to shape better cities through sport?

Afternoon session 13:00-15:00 CET

Youth Empowerment 
How to best empower youth through sports events?

Gender Equality
Is gender equality in sport the new development of cities’ sport policies?

Evening session 18:00-20:00 CET

Sport in Times of Pandemic 
How can we break down the barriers to sport?

Sport Events and Revenues
A new business model for the post-COVID-19 world? 

Wednesday, October 28


Morning session 9:00-11:00 CET

How to transform sport to make everyone active?

Afternoon session 13:00-15:00 CET

Sustainability and Legacy
How can sports events help to mitigate short-term impacts on the environment and leverage longer-term impacts?

Climate upside down
How can sport adapt to future climate change challenges?

Olympic Cities General Assembly 17:00-18:00 CET

Evening session 18:00-20:00 CET

Event Hosting 
How to leverage sport events to develop an ‘active’ tourism?

Keynote Address 
Towards more sustainable and resilient cities

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    Picked from the Legacy Inspiration Box
Legacy Governance - Sydney

The Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games substantially contributed to both the promotion of sport and the largest land remediation project of its kind at the time. The Games transformed a wasteland into Australia’s premier sports precinct and a model for sustainable development and urban renewal.

Sydney Olympic Park currently generates in excess of $1B worth of economic activity annually; hosting 5,500 sport, entertainment, cultural and business events including 51 days with 30,000+ visitors. The Mission of the Olympic Park is to curate world-class places and events that deliver exceptional customer experience. Today, the Park is a place to call home, a place for business, a place to learn and a place to visit.
As Sydney celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Games, click here to learn more about its legacy governance.

Access Legacy Governance Sydney
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 WWW - Where Were We?
LAUSANNE On September 2, the Olympic Capital and Athletissima offered to a limited number of inhabitants and an unlimited number of TV spectators a great world-class pole vault contest, not within a traditional stadium but at the heart of the City. The competition took place on the famous Place de l'Europe, where a few months back, the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games and the Lausanne En Jeux! Festival were in full swing. This is the third time that such a city event is organised in Lausanne. An innovative way to enjoy a unique spot event while showcasing the city!
  On the Cities & Sport Planet 
UNITED THROUGH SPORT The COVID-19 pandemic has given life to the United Through Sports (UTS) Virtual Youth Festival 2020, that goes far beyond a temporary solution to the cancellation of sport events. Under the patronage of the IOC, the IPC, Special Olympics, SportAccord and GAISF, the festival is a positive opportunity to move forward and bring us all back together. Over 60 organisations have joined forces to unite on the digital platform where qualification events will take place between August to the end of October. The finals will be hosted in Thailand and held as a hybrid event around the world in celebration of the United Nations’ World Children’s day, on November 20-22. The unique Virtual Youth Festival will be held and broadcast online, bringing Olympic and non-Olympic sports together. To learn more about it, click here
   Keep an Eye on Olympic Cities
What’s going on in your cities?

LAUSANNE The Vortex opened its doors to university students at the beginning of September. The futuristic building that operated as the Youth Olympic Games' Olympic Village this past winter is now entering its third life. Indeed, it was already used as a fallback and resting place for medical and nursing staff during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. The Vortex has now a brighter and more forward-looking function. And it is a perfect embodiment of a lively Olympic legacy!

LOS ANGELES Los Angeles unveiled its multifaceted logo for the 2028 Summer Olympic Games which features an "ever-changing A". The logo celebrates innovation as well as diversity and individuality. It reflects what the Southern California city embodies: a lively, mixed, colourful, and multicultural city! To see the logo in motion, click here!

SYDNEY The Australian Olympic Committee launched its - mostly virtual - 20th anniversary celebrations on September 15th. Mobilising social networks and web resources, people are invited to share their own memories of the Games through #MySydney2000. In these troubled times, this virtual connection around the celebration of a unique event strengthens human relations and reveals a lively Olympic spirit! At this occasion,the famous white exterior sails of the Sydney Opera House are becoming an enormous movie screen, showing Australian Catherine Freeman’s 400-metre gold medal win on 25 September 2000. She ran her final in 49.11 seconds, becoming the first Aboriginal athlete to win gold in an individual event at the Olympic Games. The cinematic event celebrates not only Freeman’s historic achievement, but also its audiovisual preservation for future generations on an innovative, sustainable, long-term storage technology called “synthetic DNA”. This has been made possible thanks to a partnership between the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage (OFCH) and the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA).
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