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The Business of Pho Restaurant and Serving Pho
Hello phở restaurant operator:

Many of us know that running a successful pho restaurant is not always about having good pho itself. It's also about how you open, run and protect your pho restaurant business.

This month, it's all about the business of restaurants, the business of opening or re-opening restaurants, the importance of your business' brand, and how to meet the demands of your market.

For the newbies, be sure you check out the 3-part series on "How to ensure a smooth restaurant opening". There are great general tips regardless of what type of restaurant you want to open.

Cuong Huynh

How To Get The Best Restaurant Recommendations

View from a food writer and blogger.

Actually these are recommendations for diners, not for you, the restaurateurs.

But guess what, knowing what the customers are looking for and how writers and bloggers make recommendations to their followers WILL help you run your pho restaurant, or any restaurant, better. That is, if you pay attention in the right areas.

In this article, Naomi Tomky discusses 3 main things she considers important when she makes recommendations to people as to where to eat and what food to try.

If you think this is not importance for a pho operator, think again. For dining customers, recommendations from bloggers like Ms. Tomky can mean the difference between having a great dining experience and a complete waste of the diners' money. For restaurateurs, it can add buzz to your restaurant to help beef up your bottom line, or it can mean people will not even know that your restaurant even exists.

So one of the best ways to attract more customers is to seriously consider the power of your local food writers and bloggers, and how they can change your business.

And believe or not, there's a strategy to doing this effectively. Let me know if you want to learn how to work with these local food influencers.

Read more... How To Get The Best Restaurant Recommendations

The Importance of Using Your Brand

How the Naugles trademark got a new owner

Let's talk about trademarking your brand. Brand, who cares about brand right?

Up until now, we Viet people don't care much about brands and don't have much respect for it. The proof is all around us. Viet businesses don't normally protect our own brands, and copying of others' brands run rampant.

But now that you do business in North America and other Western markets, trademarks and brand protection should be part of your business' strategy.

If you plan to run your pho restaurant only for a few years then quit, then you can skip this article. But if you want to build your pho restaurant for the long term, then you need to protect your brand. Click the link below to learn how even a big brand can lose a trademark. 

Read more... The Importance of Using Your Brand

How to Ensure a Smooth Restaurant Opening

How to ensure a smooth restaurant openingA 3-part series by Stephen Loffredo on the challenges of opening a new restaurant, hiring staff and prepare for opening.

Planning for your new restaurant opening is tough and requires absolute discipline.

To help with this important preparation, I want to share with you a series of articles that can help you find success. These have chockfull of valuable information that can keep you on track toward a successful opening.

If you follow these good advice, you'll not only save a lot of time but also tons of money and headache in the process.

How to ensure a smooth restaurant opening, Part 1
How to ensure a smooth restaurant opening, Part 2
How to ensure a smooth restaurant opening, Part 3  

Photo of the month

New Orleans Cuisine’s Surprising New Flavors

This month's photo comes from an article from, titled New Orleans Cuisine’s Surprising New Flavors, written by Sarah Baird, a writer and editor based in New Orleans.

The photos above feature popular Nine Roses Café dishes (clockwise, from top left): Meatball pho, grilled beef vermicelli bowl, banh xeo, and grilled pork bun sliders. (Photos: Mary Grace McKernan).

So what's special about it? Well, among the many articles written about New Orleans during this 10th anniversary of Katrina, about its people and how they rebuilt after the event, I find this one especially sweet and inspiring at the same time.

Thinking I'd be reading more of the same about all the good things that came out of how New Orleanians and their city rebuilt and rebrand themselves, I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 Viet businesses prominently featured in the article.

I hope you find inspiration from reading about how Dong Phuong Bakery and Restaurant of New Orleans East came back and rebuilt, and how Nine Roses Café in Westbank is thriving. We're not only a bunch of immigrants, we're also refugees. And we don't give up easily. Happy reading.

Click on the photo above to read the article, or follow this link New Orleans Cuisine’s Surprising New Flavors.

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