Copy Newsletter May 2015
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Hello phở restaurant operator:

Regardless of if you're running a Vietnamese restaurant, pho restaurant or another type of Asian restaurant, you are first and foremost in the restaurant business. For this reason, marketing is of utmost importance for your business' survival.

This month, I have a collection of marketing-relating articles to share with you. I hope you find them useful in helping running your pho restaurant better, or building a leading edge new pho restaurant. As always, send me a note if you need any help with making you pho restaurant more successful.

Image is everything as restaurants plate their food for Instagram fame

Restaurants try to take advantage of the free marketing Instagrammers provide when they share food photos.

People used to say grace before a meal. Nowadays, many add another thing to do before eating their dinners. They whip out their mobile phones to snap photos of what they're about to eat. Oftentimes, they also post on a social network before even taking that first bite.

So what's the big deal with Instagram, and what's the best way to take advantage of it?

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The Missing Link Between Social Media & Restaurant Revenue

Studies have shown that nothing is as effective as email to promote your business and drive revenue.

Restaurant owners are one of the busiest species on the face of Earth. If you are one of them, digital marketing is the last thing you’d want to do. You’ve got to supervise employees, monitor the kitchen, listen to customers, handle logistics and what not. And may be you’re already on Facebook and Foursquare. Isn’t that enough?

So what's the most effective digital marketing, by far?

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How Shake Shack uses store design to feed the Millennial craving for transparency

"Everything about our physical setting exudes our brand."

New York-based Shake Shack, with its cult East Coast following, has snagged lots of attention for its savvy use of social media instead of the typical fast-food ads.

What’s less understood is how the chain uses the restaurants themselves to present its branding story. Each location, in essence, serves as a stage for consumer-generated marketing content.

As pho and Vietnamese foods become more popular and gaining stronger mainstream attention, there are things that I think Vietnamese and pho restaurants should embrace in order to compete and stay successful in the future.

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Photo of the month

Trucking Around in Los Angeles: Food trucks are a vital part of the Los Angeles culinary scene. The Mandoline Grill is one of them, serving from Orange County to Echo Park to Santa Monica. On the menu: bún, bánh mì, tacos and Viet nachos!

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