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Do You Know The Cost of That Bowl of Pho?

Hey, What’s the Cost of That Bowl of Pho?

Knowing your food cost is critical to your success

Ever wonder how much a bowl of beef pho costs to make? If you’re a customer, when you pay $8 for a bowl of beef pho, what are you really getting? And if you’re a pho restaurant operator, do you know your food cost and profit margin? Read about how the cost of a bowl of pho can have an important impact on both the pho customer and restaurateur alike.

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Half Off Pho – Why 50% Off Are Not Such Good Pho Deals

Half Off Pho – Why 50% Off Are Not Such Good Pho Deals

Short-term solution. Long-term failure.

You see these 50% off pho all over the place these days. They proliferate primarily in large Asian communities where competition is fierce for deal-seeking customers. Half-off pho bo; 50% off pho ga all day; 50% on both pho bo and pho ga. So what’s not so cool about this? Let us take a look.

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Pho Restaurant Business Plan

Without a business plan, you have a better chance playing roulette in Vegas

I’ve run into many aspiring pho restaurateurs whose business plan is:

Step 1: open a pho restaurant,
Step 2: sell pho, and
Step 3: make money.

That’s the extent of the plan. The rest is make it up as you go.

Well, this is a "recipe" for trouble. No pun intended.

A business plan is the roadmap for your pho restaurant. You plan your concept, marketing, and operation. You plan your menu, recipe, service, kitchen procedure, and staff management. And you follow it.

The key thing is, a pho restaurant business plan is a living document, and no one is expected to complete it overnight. It can and should be updated as you continue developing and building your new pho restaurant.

I've written a 3-part series on pho restaurant business plan. I hope you find them useful. Check them all out.

Part 1... Pho Restaurant Business Plan, Part 1: What Is It Anyway?
Part 2... Pho Restaurant Business Plan, Part 2: What’s Sexy About It?
Part 3... Pho Restaurant Business Plan, Part 3: The Nuts and Bolts

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