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Hello phở restaurant operator:

This month, it's all about staying out of trouble. Here's what I mean. Running a pho restaurant is not easy, but it does not have to be hard either. Two key things will help you stay out of trouble:
  1. Know your business inside out, and
  2. Develop a rock solid habit to solve any problem that comes along.
If you don't understand your business in detail, how will you catch what went wrong and fix them? If you can't recognize the symptoms of trouble that loom ahead, how will you stand a chance to fix or even prevent it in the future? The reality is: You need to know before you can prevent or take corrective action. Who wants to be in emergency mode all the time right?

As always, send me a note if you need any help with making you pho restaurant more successful.

Cuong Huynh

These 5 Things Can Hurt Your Business

Knowing What They Are Can Help You Prevent Them From Happening In The First Place.

Are you aware of how your customers see you as a business? Are you getting the right customer feedback about your pho and your service? Are you doing something to earn customer loyalty and get their repeat business?

As I help pho restaurateurs improving performance of their businesses, there's always a few common threads among those pho restaurants that are in trouble of making it. If I have to boil it down to a few words, it'd be this: "Understand what your customer is unhappy about your pho restaurant, then fix it fast."

Here are the 5 toughest challenges a typical pho restaurant faces. If fixed, they will give the best payback potentials for a pho restaurant owner.

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Signs That a Pho Restaurant Is in the Process of Failing

Symptoms of a Poorly Run Pho Restaurant & How to Fix Them

I was recently contacted by a restaurateur to help her pho restaurant. Without taking immediate action to improve business, this pho restaurant will have to close because revenues are not enough to cover expenses.

All the signs are there. Quite clear actually. Even casual observers can probably see what's wrong with this pho restaurant. I dug a little deeper and what I found is not that uncommon.

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Hiring a Pho Chef For Your Pho Restaurant?

What You Need To Know Before Putting Someone In Charge Of Your Restaurant's Pho Making.

Does your new or existing pho restaurant need a pho chef or cook? How can you find a good pho cook for your restaurant, and what are the qualifications?

There's not much difference whether the cook is a family member or an outside hired help. The standards should be the same. Here are a few tips that may help you.

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Photo of the month

AN INSPIRING STORY: Vietnamese boat people on a grim journey to Ireland 36 years ago !

‘We didn’t come here for economic reasons in 1979, we came for freedom’.
Over bowls of pho at his family’s Vietnamese restaurant in Dublin, Tri Quoc Nguyen is talking about the year that took him from a flimsy boat in the South China Sea to a refugee camp in Malaysia and, eventually, to Tralee, Ireland.

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