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The Business of Pho Restaurant and Serving Pho
Dear phở restaurant operator:

Since this is the first e-newsletter of the year, I want to concentrate on areas that may help entrepreneurs start a new pho business of their own.

Leading off, I have to share a story about customer service at a pho restaurant, and let's not kid ourselves, in many Viet restaurants in general. It's amazing that this is still happening these days. I'm not surprised, and I'm sure many aren't either. But why is this still happening? Why are customers still tolerating this (so the restaurants still stay in business), AND why some restaurant operators still do this? Read about this in the first item below.

The second article talks about the importance of developing a strong business plan. And the last article discusses the need for an architect and how to take advantage of his/her expertise.

For both pho restaurant business newbies and veterans, I think you'll find useful and interesting information that can help with your operation.

Thanks for reading and have a profitable month!

Cuong Huynh

Let's Get Our Act Together

A pho eater named Bran wrote: "The service at Pho 79 is atrocious. Doesn’t matter how good the pho is, I won’t ever go back there again just because of the horrible customer service I experienced there...".

On Pho Restaurant Quality And Service, And Pho 79 Revisited


This is what every restaurateur dread.

Or maybe not. Maybe there are some pho operators who really don't care.

In this article, I discuss 2 cases where in one case, a Vietnamese customer, and in another, a non-Vietnamese customer, shared their frustration on

Here's a partial point of what Đoàn Vinh wrote:

"Khi khách hàng đang ngồi ăn thì mấy người đi dọn bàn quăng dục bát đũa kêu loảng xoảng, làm như muốn đuổi khách."

Translation for those who need it:

"When [I, customers] were eating, the bus person noisily threw bowls and chopsticks as they clear tables, as if they wanted to chase customers away."

Why is this still happening in the year 2016? In a Viet restaurant, in America? We Viet have to be much better than this. This is a clear evidence that when a customer is not happy with your pho restaurant, more likely than not, you won't hear about it. But many others will.

Let's take a long look at your operation, staff training, and customer service and not let this happen to your business.

Read more... On Pho Restaurant Quality And Service, And Pho 79 Revisited

3 Reasons Why You Need An Architect For A New Pho Restaurant

3 Reasons Why You Need An Architect For A New Pho RestaurantSome newbie entrepreneurs think they can do without an architect's assistance, or not even know they need.

People contact me wanting to move into a existing restaurant space, make "minor" changes, then open for business fast for very little cost.

Great plan, until inspection time comes around.

Newbies think they do not need an architect for their new pho restaurant, and even some veterans think they don't need one to "remodel" their existing business.

Here are 3 reasons why you need an architect during the design phase of your new pho restaurant. Hopefully it will help someone stay out of trouble.

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Creating A Solid Pho Restaurant Business Plan

Pho Restaurant Business Plan, Part 3: The Nuts and BoltsThe nuts and bolts of creating and maintaining a pho restaurant business plan

Your successful pho restaurant starts even before serving your first bowl of pho.

A successful pho restaurant starts with a solid business plan and a detailed financials called the pro forma.

These two documents form the foundation for your new pho restaurant. They may require a lot of work but no one says opening a restaurant is ever easy. Here are guidelines to help you get started and lay a solid foundation for a successful new pho restaurant.

Read more... Pho Restaurant Business Plan, Part 3: The Nuts and Bolts

Photo of the Month
OK it's not pho but it's just as good.

 Is Vietnamese food really healthy?

This photo comes from the article Is Vietnamese food really healthy? from

I don't go with everything CMI hospital nutritionist Antoine Yvon in the article said, but I love this phrase:
"Eating with chopsticks, using multiple dishes, and sharing with people allows you to eat more slowly... without overloading the digestive system."

Anyway I think the photo looks great.

See more Is Vietnamese food really healthy?.

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