1 March 2016
In this newsletter: 'THE BUDDHA' is open! // Zooming in on the interiors of the Amsterdam School // New commission Reykjavík Maritime Museum // Encounter life's wealth // Death in a new light // Future thinking in Royal Air Force Museum
'THE BUDDHA' is open!
The National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden opened its new temporary exhibition 'THE BUDDHA' on 11 February. Following an introduction to Buddha’s life, visitors start an impressive pilgrimage along the world’s most important Buddhist sites. Kossmann.dejong has also designed the accompanying exhibition catalogue as two fold-out reproductions of special collection items.
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Zooming in on the interiors of the Amsterdam School
The exhibition ‘Living in the Amsterdam School: designing for the interior 1910-1930' will open at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam on 9 April. An immersion in expressive details, shapes and craft, which are characteristic for the Amsterdam School. Besides the exhibition, Kossmann.dejong also designs the catalogue and the logo for the publicity campaign.
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New commission Reykjavík Maritime Museum
Following maritime museums in Rotterdam and the Danish city of Helsingør, Kossmann.dejong will now also design the permanent exhibition for the Reykjavík Maritime Museum in Iceland. Cod will play the main role in this former fish freezing plant.
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Encounter life's wealth
Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden is working on an extensive refurbishment and extension of its building and exhibitions. ‘The Encounter’ is the focus of its new introduction hall, which will be turned into an abstract, mesmerising landscape, making the enormous diversity of life on earth visible.
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Death in a new light
Alongside the large exhibition in the introduction space, Kossmann.dejong is invited to also design an exhibition in which ‘death’ is the main theme for Naturalis Biodiversity Center. A welcoming, fairy tale-like environment will highlight that the notion of ‘death’ is not as unambiguous as one might think at first glance.
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Future thinking in Royal Air Force Museum
Kossmann.dejong has been selected to design an exhibition about the RAF, the renowned British air force institute. “Because the future isn’t fixed, we invite visitors in the exhibition to take part in this debate, to help to develop a future vision, and to take on the role of researcher”, stated Mark de Jong.

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