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If you are applying to Art College or looking for employment online it makes perfect sense to have any pre-submission critiques online as well. With this in mind I am now offering individual tuition via Skype in Portfolio Presentation. 

If you already have a substantial body of work, a block of three, one-hour, face-to-face consultations may be all you need. 

During your first consultation I will review photographs of your work. I will advise you on which pieces to submit and whether there are any gaps that need to be addressed. For example, you may have lots of designs but no free-hand drawing; ideas for knit but no knitted samples or plenty of draping but no flat pattern cutting. Once you have worked through these suggestions we will meet again, so that I can assess how your work looks when presented in the required application format. I will advise you on order and continuity and the colour and the quality of your photographs. Our third session will be an opportunity for me to spot and help you with any important last minute adjustments.

Price:      £175.00 for three, one-hour consultations on Skype. 

Dates:     arranged with individuals over a maximum nine week period for each
                set of three, one-hour lessons.

Please note that if you are developing new projects for your portfolio or need help with the written part of your application, you may need several sets of three, one-hour consultations.   

I started studying with Rowena Luke-King in London before returning home to Hong Kong. Now back in Hong Kong I am continuing to work on my portfolio independently, with Rowena's support via Skype. Our weekly tutorials are a reassuring guide, full of invaluable suggestions on how to utilise my strengths, develop new skills and channel my very conceptual way of thinking into ideas for fabric and clothes. Rowena's honest and constructive critiques have been helping me to remain positive and focussed on my ambition, to apply for and study fashion full-time." Elaine Lip

For more information and to book your online consultations, please contact me by email:

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