May 2015
Volume 1, Issue 2
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Welcome to our May newsletter. We have added a new regular feature this month, In the News. Each month we will feature a story from around the gun world that we hope will educate, entertain or amuse you. Enjoy this edition and if you have any ideas or suggestions to make our newsletter better, let us know at Don't forget Women With Weapons, May 16 at Take Aim. Until next month...Get Some!!
This month's Tactical Tidbit covers sights. Mike & Jake discuss the difference between "sight alignment" and sight picture. Watch as these two veteran shooters discuss and demonstrate this elementary but extremely important facet of firing a handgun. A misplaced shot in a critical situation can have devastating consequences.

We hope you enjoy this month's Tactical Tidbit. If there is a Tactical Tidbit you would like to see in future issues let us know at and we will put it together for you.
If you want it, we want to make it available. We have had requests for caps, t-shirts, auto window decals and other items. From our weekly CCW classes we have been asked about the EDC items Mike talks about as well as "I Did Not Shoot Mike" t-shirts. Give us your comments & requests. This will help us determine the feasibility of opening an online store.
Each month Veritas Training Academy will share an interesting, educational, or entertaining story involving the gun world. This month we share why it is so important to wear the proper clothing when practicing and training. As you will learn from this story, it is especially important for you ladies to wear a cap, a high cut top and closed toe shoes. It was reported that the lady in the above story found herself with hot brass inside her top. See how many safety violations you can uncover in this report.
Jake Carlton, Lead Instructor
Veritas Training Academy

Jake demonstrating the VTAC 1-5 drill.
Mike Connor, NRA Instructor
Veritas Training Academy

Hans Gruber: "Do you really think you have a chance against us, Mr. Cowboy?"
John McClane: "Yippee-ki-yay, mother*#@."
Die Hard, 1998

The first article was meant to introduce and to establish the rationale for and responsibility toward becoming more than a “gun owner”.  When queried by friends,  family, and associates about “What’s new in your life” the responses I received when I told them “I’m learning to be a gunfighter” were, as you can imagine, surprised, incredulous but most often… “WHAT?”
Explaining exactly what I meant dispelled the notion of cowboys facing off at high noon!  How exactly did I get from taking a CCW course to wanting to become a Gunfighter?

After completing my CCW course at Take Aim, I thought it would be responsible to invest in a single lesson.  I wanted to be able to hit the bulls-eye consistently on the paper target.  Since I hadn’t had guns my whole life there was probably something I could learn.  The idea of needing anything beyond that had not entered my mind. I just "thought" that I’d be able to handle any situation requiring me to defend myself with a firearm.  However, after spending an hour with Mike Magowan, co-founder of Veritas Training Academy, I quickly realized that there was much more involved and I was a long way from being able to use my firearm skillfully. 

First I needed to develop my skill as a marksman. Skill development is the process of learning new things and improving yourself at every level imaginable. It is not a term used exclusively and only in a work environment. 
Mike took time to go over grip, punching out from “third eye” and discussed the two most important aspects of marksmanship; trigger control and sight acquisition. Once on the range I quickly demonstrated my ability to hit low and to the left of the bulls eye (jerking the trigger). He suggested I work on dry firing; focusing on a smooth, even depress of the trigger.  This activity is the building block of developing your trigger control.  Every aspiring gunfighter can and should dry fire on a regular basis. It costs nothing and can be accomplished any time day or night (in the privacy of your own home.)

You need to become a marksman before you can become a gunfighter.  In an article by Charles Remsberg from News he states, "Marksmanship skills are critical to have, but that’s only a small part of the equation. Marksmanship performance is not even remotely predictive of how you will do in a gunfight.
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From twice weekly CCW classes to indoor and outdoor instruction, Veritas has something for everyone! The extremely popular Women With Weapons  class returns May 16 and we are planning a couples class for June. Click below for all current offerings. As a reminder, Mike and his team will run any of our group classes on a private basis if you have a group of eight or more.
VTA Ephor
VTA Ephor
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