April 2015
Volume 1, Issue 1
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We hope you enjoy our inaugural newsletter. This publication is for you! Each month we will showcase an assortment of drills, training tips, equipment reviews and other relative information to assist you in being one of the "good guys". Contributors will be myself, our Veritas staff and occasionally some of the other outstanding individuals and organizations with whom we train.
Mike Magowan, Co-Founder
Veritas Training Academy

Most of the handguns out there you will come across can be "dry-fired". Dry-firing is pressing the trigger without anything in the chamber. Make sure you clear your gun first. After you clear your, clear your gun again. The two loudest noises you will ever hear:  1. When your gun is supposed to go "click" and instead it goes "bang." 2. When your gun is supposed to go "bang" it goes "click".

Your ammo should not be in the same room as your gun while dry-firing. Find a safe direction to point your gun and practice pressing the trigger with the gun empty. The mechanics of dry-firing are the same as the ones you use for firing. Single action and striker fire semi-autos will have slack in the trigger. Take the slack out of the trigger. You should feel it "bump" into the sear or firing-pin. From there, focus on the front sight and press the trigger to the rear of the gun allowing it to go click. Your goals is to let the gun go "click" without making the front sight move. This is how you should shoot when you are on the range.

There is no difference between practicing dry and shooting live ammo until the gun goes "click" or "bang". It is free and you can do it almost anywhere. Now go get some trigger time!  MM

Mike Connor, NRA Instructor
Veritas Training Academy

“With great power comes great responsibility”
-Voltaire 1832     /   Stan Lee 1962

No one can argue that handguns today when paired with modern ammunition can be powerful and devastating tools.  Therefore what is the responsibility of individual gun owners / CCW permit holders who choose to carry these tools on a daily or periodic basis?  I can lease a Bobcat front-end loader/excavator but I’d be a fool to deploy it on a home improvement project because I have a credit card & FL driver’s license.

With this series I hope to convey the thought processes and subsequent training and self-education I have pursued (and continue to pursue) in order to become a “gunfighter”!
Veritas Training Academy co-founder and mentor, Mike Magowan, regularly states in his CCW training classes that if someone starts shooting at you then by definition, "you are in a gunfight …and you better be a gunfighter!"  If you are attacked by someone with or without a weapon and your best option is to draw your firearm,"you are in a gunfight...and you better be a gunfighter!"  We are responsible for every projectile that leaves the barrel of our firearm!

To shape an individual into an effective gunfighter requires ongoing training that fuses the mind, body, & firearm into an undefeatable human weapon system with the understanding that shooting is never going to happen in the real world like it does on the range”
Chris Ghahnam      
President SARK  Securities                                                                                                          

My objective here is to provide the new & current gun owner with realistic options for evaluating your current skill level and acquiring the knowledge and training to develop those skills further.  In my lifetime there have been only a couple of things that I seemed to have a “natural ability” for.  Most of my activities & pursuits whether they are professional or recreational have required dedicated time, effort, practice, and at times funding to develop.

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough we must do." –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Jake Carlton, Lead Instructor
Veritas Training Academy

Click the link below to watch Jake explain and demonstrate the 310 to Yuma drill.
"310 to Yuma"
Henry Porter
Make Your Benelli 922(r) Compliant

Let me start my saying that any shotgun made by Benelli will be the best shotgun you’ve ever owned. Are there less expensive options for a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun? Of course. Will you receive the personal gratification or range envy that a Benelli m4 brings? No, you will not. However, this is not a review of the Benelli m4. There are more than enough reviews of the m4 on the internet. What follows is a review of some of the products I used to make my Benelli 922r compliant. Now lets be clear; 922r is what anti-gunners came up with to make your shotgun look less scary and to stop the importation of semi automatic rifles or shotguns. Thinking that the omission of two rounds and a collapsible stock decreases the close range devastation that a skilled shotgunner can inflict on a two legged threat. Anyway I digress.
I wanted to configure my shotgun the same as the m1014 used by the Marines. In order to do that; I had to add a full length magazine tube and factory collapsible stock. I won’t go into parts counts or an explanation of 922r as I don’t want this article to be construed as legal advice. I’m not a lawyer. I’m just a guy that likes guns. I chose to comply with 922r because my shotgun is primarily for home defense. If I ever need to neutralize a threat within my home, I don’t want law enforcement saying the configuration of my firearm was illegal and by extension the use of said firearm was illegal.

What I did to bring my shotgun into compliance was to change the trigger, disconnector, and hammer. The hammer I used is made by Bill Geissele. "The Geissele Automatics Benelli M4 Super 90 Shotgun hammer is a direct replacement for the original hammer. It is constructed of S7 tool steel, requires no fitting or gun-smithing to install, and has a Mil Spec Black Oxide finish.” 

The trigger and disconnector where from Freedom Fighter Tactical (FFT). Both the trigger and disconnector are made from bar stock tool steel. The disconnector is finished off with a high-grade black oxide coating. The trigger is finished off with Robar NP3. There have been reports of the NP3 coating flaking off the trigger parts from Freedom Fighter Tactical and deformation of their hammers under hard use. This is one of the reasons I choose the Geissele hammer over the Freedom Fighter Tactical option. From personal experience, the coating on the first trigger I ordered was uneven and pitted. Having said that, I promptly contacted Freedom Fighter Tactical and they sent me a replacement one immediately. The replacement they sent was perfect and without flaw.
Freedom Fighter Tactical says, "use of the trigger pack reduces trigger pull by approximately two pounds, bringing it from an average of 8.25 pounds to 6.25 pounds.” I’ll be upfront and say that I am not a skilled shotgunner. However, in my assessment, the juice is not worth the squeeze. if you’re not seeking the make your shotgun 922r compliant, leave these products on the shelf. If you want to add the full length magazine tube or factory collapsible stock, these three parts of some of the least expensive ways to get there. You have the information; now the choice is yours.

Links for products mentioned in the article:
Geissele Automatics Benelli M4 Super 90 Shotgun hammer:

Freedom Fighter Tactical Trigger:

Freedom Fighter Tactical Disconnector:

Women With Weapons on March 21 was a HUGE success!! These ladies were so good that they ALL received a B.A.B. AWARD. Even the cowgirls!! Way to go ladies. Our next class will be announced soon. Check "Classes" at for updates. Watch the video below to see the fun you missed!!

Watch all the B.A.B's in action!!
Congratulations to Jessica Sanger, Faith Danke, Kerri Leete, Mary Ann Rogler-Brown, Rhonda Holmes and Jen Van Cura Frame for achieving the B.A.B. Award. Also, a shout out to four of our Apex ladies: Lyndee Davis, Susan Whitlock, Deb Sullivan & Connie proved again why not just anyone can wear the Apex shirt!!

From twice weekly CCW classes to indoor and outdoor instruction, Veritas has something for everyone!


VTA Ephor
VTA Ephor
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