June 2015
Volume 1, Issue 3
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June 2015 Newsletter
Welcome to our June newsletter.This month's issue is chocked full of ideas and tips to make you a better gunfighter and thus more prepared to defend your loved ones. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy putting it together. Be sure to visit the websites of our friends listed at the bottom of the page. If you have any comments or ideas that can make our/your newsletter better, please leave suggestions here. See you at the range, but until then...Get Some!!
In this month's edition, Mike is in rare form discussing a subject he is very passionate about: the right gun for self defense. I don't know why he didn't say it but I will  because he didn't, "some guns suck for self-defense and some guns don't." Watch this video as Mike explains, as only Mike can, how to select the right tool for the job.
It has been a long time coming, but on June 10, the long awaited Veritas stickers will be available for purchase! We have created two styles, Veritas white on black and BAB pink on white.They measure 4.75" x 3.68" and are priced at $5 each. Put them on your car! Stick them on your ammo cans! Display them anywhere you want people to know that you train with the best in Florida!! Decals may be picked up any Saturday morning or Wednesday evening before or during CCW class. Knock gently on the door. Decals may also be purchased on line. There is a small handling charge imposed by our distributor if purchased on line.
Each month Veritas Training Academy will share an interesting, educational, or entertaining story. This month we look at an incident in Ohio where there was a senseless loss of life. These incidents rattle the anti-gunners. We must be responsible. This is why education, practice and training are paramount for gun owners. There are several inexcusable facts in the story. Most importantly, if this had happened in Florida, you should know know that in the state of Florida, "it is unlawful to store or leave  leave a firearm within reach or easy access of a minor." This is strongly emphasized at every CCW class Veritas conducts.Please be responsible.
Jake Carlton, Lead Instructor
Veritas Training Academy
This month's training tip shows Jake running the Focus Monster Drill. As he explains, it is an outside only drill but it addresses so many aspects that could hinder you in a real world situation. You can learn by watching, but the real benefit is for you to get outside and run this drill yourself. Remember, if you find yourself in a real world situation, you will revert to your lowest level of training. Simply stated, training is the ONLY way to raise your skill level.
Mike Connor, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
Veritas Training Academy

“Take your time in a hurry”  - Doc Holiday describing how to win a gunfight.

Slow is Smooth-Smooth is Fast
The reference and the above saying must be applied in order to become an effective gun fighter. You master each skill by developing perfect muscle memory.  You develop perfect muscle memory by practicing slowly at first.
 In article #2, I quickly realized that a one hour private lesson was not going to be sufficient enough for me to become skillful with a pistol.  I practiced my dry firing at home and went back to see Mike Magowan a few more times.

“Practice does not make Perfect…Practice makes Permanent. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Permanent” ……Mike Magowan

In other words you can create a bad habit if you are practicing any technique incorrectly.  Practicing with a qualified, experienced, instructor really is key - It prevents you from developing bad habits.  I supplemented those lessons with independent range time and once I began to master my basic marksmanship skills I went back to see Mike again. 
Now he introduced drawing from a holster, getting on the sights during punch out, and reloading.  I cannot stress enough, how going slower in the beginning allows the shooter to develop correct muscle memory.  It wasn’t until I could perform those skills slowly with near perfection that I was allowed to speed up!

One thing I did repeatedly at the indoor range and sometimes still practice is:  Mike’s simple shoot & reload drill. There are multiple skills involved here. Start very slowly, be precise, and develop perfect muscle memory.
  • Set your target to 21 feet distance.
  •  Load 2 magazines with 3 rounds each.  Place one in the gun & one in a mag pouch/pocket
  • You can either draw from the holster or punch out from third eye. 
  • Get on your sights as you drive them out to your target focusing on the front sight
  • Depress your trigger smoothly and shoot, trying to take that perfect shot 3 times
  • RELOAD: Bring the pistol up into your “workspace” as you release the spent magazine (letting it fall to the floor) and reach for your spare mag with your non-firing hand
  • While remaining in your “workspace” insert the fresh mag into place and rack your slide
  • Get on your sights as you drive them out to your target focusing on the front sight
  • Depress your trigger smoothly and shoot, trying to take that perfect shot 3 times
Stop! Take a breath and assess your performance.  Reload 3 & 3 – repeat.  Don’t speed up until you’re SMOOTH. This is a skills development drill and a much more useful way of going through 50-100 rounds of ammunition rather than loading up your mags to capacity and blasting away.
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Our Facebook page will keep you up to date with everything going on with Mike & VTA. Classes, crazy things Mike observes at the range and much more. Check us out, like us and leave a comment. This is also a great forum for Mike to answer your questions. For awesome videos of past classes or tactical tid bits that you can watch over and over again, take a look at our YouTube page. Like it and share with your friends. Our Ephor Group has their own Instagram page. It is chocked full of videos & photos.
From twice weekly CCW classes to indoor and outdoor instruction, Veritas has something for everyone! After a long absence, the extremely popular Couples Therapy class returns June 27. Click below for all current offerings. As a reminder, Mike and his team will run any of our group classes on a private basis if you have a group of eight or more.
VTA Ephor
VTA Ephor
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