An Update from the K12 Inc. Public Affairs Team (May 13, 2016)
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Schools vs. Students – Time to Realign Accountability
Nate Davis, Executive Chairman of K12 Inc. and contributor to The Hill, challenges current testing-based accountability ideas.  He writes that education policymakers should make a course correction from school-centered toward student-centered accountability.
“Accountability structures where students are grouped and measured together to grade and rank schools create disincentives for schools to serve students most in need. These kids become hot potatoes nobody wants to touch.  Too often they are bounced around, filtered out, or lost.”
Read his full piece here.

State Testing & Online Schools: What you Probably Never Knew – PART II
I (Jeff Kwitowski) am more convinced than ever that most people have no idea the massive amount of time, resources, travel requirements, and logistics required to meet state-mandated testing requirements.  And what impact does this have on students?

"In most cases online school students test in a building they’ve never been to, in a room they’ve never been in, with adults they’ve never met, and students they’ve never seen. It’s a huge difference from what traditional schools do, which is to try to make the experience as normal and 'routine' as possible."

Sports analysts always talk about home field advantage.  For online school students the most important and highest-stakes test of the year, at least for purposes of state accountability, is always an away game.

Read the full piece here.

New Report: How K12 Virtual Academies Meet the Needs of Mobile Military Families
The report explores how virtual charter schools help students overcome specific issues posed by frequent mobility and other challenges that military families often face.

Read the full report here.

K12 Teacher Voices

  • Why Cancer Didn’t Stop Me:  Georgia Cyber Academy teacher, Rebecca Malmquist, shares her powerful story of how cancer didn’t derail her passion to teach students in her online charter school.
  • Special Education and Online Schools:  Edie Taylor, special education teacher at Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy on how special needs students find safety, security, and success in online charter schools.
  • Rewards of Teaching Online:  California Virtual Academy teacher on the rewards of teaching students with special needs in her online charter school.  

Student Spotlights
  • MUST WATCH story of 10-year old Colton Sheets, student at Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA), who was diagnosed with leukemia at age three.  For Colton, TNVA is the only school he’s ever known and only option that works for him as he fights cancer.
  • Avery Bernasconi, 18-year-old transgender teenager and student at Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) online charter school.  Avery attends One N Ten’s Q High Learning Center, a program for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, which partners with AZVA to provide sanctuary for students who have been bullied.
  • K12 student Christopher Perry has battled bullying, depression, and dyslexia, but has taken steps to turn his life around and become a model student thanks to his online charter school, Arizona Virtual Academy.
  • Wyoming Virtual Academy student, Grace Anderson, wins national honor for outstanding volunteer service.
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News & Commentary

FEATURE STORY:  New Online School Addresses Tech Needs
A Wisconsin technical college, a trade union and online education provider, K12 Inc., have teamed to form a first-of-its-kind virtual school aimed at pursuing technical careers.


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