What did you learn, how, and why?
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How goes it?

Welcome to issue #5 of Front-end Testing Weekly. I'm thinking of changing the name to Frontend Testing Somewhat Weekly... 😫 

In the last newsletter, I talked about how it's more important to get started with testing than it is to use a particular framework. This was after hearing the same story again and again of folks wanting to test, but not yet jumping the gap.

So now I want to hear a different tale. I want to hear the other side. People who wanted to start testing, and did! Developers and designers who were able to get the time to learn a new tool or buy some hours to try out testing in their project.

So what's your story?
  • What is it that you learned? Unit testing, accessibility testing, user testing, etc...
  • How did you learn it? Online videos, a book, a class, etc...
  • Why did you learn it? Was it a specific requirement, or did you just want to?
Don't write an essay (I really don't have time to read a bunch of essays 🙀). I just want to hear short real-world stories about people jumping the hurdles and applying Front-end Testing in their life.

Shoot me a quick email by hitting reply, or share your story on our Slack channel, or tweet it with #frontendtesting or write a blog post. I really don't care, just share!

The Question of the Week

This is my last attempt at the QotW. I'll still keep the inbox open for any questions, but will remove this from the newsletter if nothing comes in. Not that it's terrible thing, just that the community doesn't have a need for it right now and that's perfectly fine.

If you or a loved one has a question about Frontend Testing, send it in to questions@frontendtesting.com (or just reply to this email). 

Recent Twitter Links

I haven't been as active in sharing twitter links recently (which I hope to fix), but here's what I managed to get out there: Have you seen something worth sharing? Send it my way by hitting the reply button or sharing it on the Slack channel.

The Slack Channel keeps growing!

Have you seen? We're up to 23 folks in the chat room. Help keep the momentum up by joining the conversation. It's free!

p.s. are you interested in Visual Regression Testing? Micah Godbolt and I put together a free 6-day email course on the subject that costs nothing to take.

p.p.s. I'm enamored with WebdriverIO, so much so that I've got my own online course on the tool. See why I think you should be enamored too. The first few tutorials are free!
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