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 "Life Begins at The End of Your Comfort Zone."

- Neale Donald Walsch

Are you rolling on the floor with a belly ache from all the Easter Chocolates you ate this past weekend!? What was your favorite...Cream Filled? Cadbury Mini Eggs? or the Chocolate Bunny!!
Well lucky for you we have a few workouts to wear them off.

   Coach's Corner

It's that time again. Time to put on your thinking caps and ask the Coaches anything you like. Club member question will be posted next week and the Coach's answer will be published the first week of April. 

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Upcoming Workouts

Tuesday April 18
Pool Swim with Matt: 9:15-10:15pm @ Mayfield Rec Ctr
Please go to our shop if you'd like to join a great group of swimmers. 

Wednesday April 19
Spin with Jade: 7-8:30pm @ 91 Healey Road (Unit 9)

**2 Weeks left in this program

Thursday April 20
Strength with Jade: 8-9pm @ 490 Bramalea Rd (Suite 4B)

**2 Weeks left in this program

Adopt a Road Clean Up     

It's that time of year again. Time to get together and tidy up Mississauga Road. We split the stretch of raod up according to how many people have come out to help and away we go.
Once done we meet at Spirit Tree for a beverage and treat to chat about our "New Found Treasures."

Sunday April 30th
Arrive: 8:45am
Depart: 9:00am - 11:00am

NOTE: Time to complete clean up will depend on the number of people that assist. We have blocked 2 hours but it can be longer/shorter.

Meeting Location:
Creditview Public School
13990 Mississauga Road
Cheltenham, ON L7C 1W4


Look at those numbers. So close to 3000km! 


How to deal with a sore Core

(Brought to you by

We’ve all been there. In our zeal to strengthen our core, tone our abs…maybe get a little 4 pack if not a full 6 (or 8!), we go overboard with the crank planks, Russian twists and ball pikes. You’ll leave the gym feeling like a bionic boot camp bad dude…until the next morning when you can barely sit up in bed. 

Yep, like the rest of your muscles, your abs, obliques and the rest of your core movers and stabilizers are susceptible to delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS), the painful inflammation caused by micro-tears in overworked muscles. “Generally you stay sore for about two days, and it diminishes as the inflammation goes down and you get rid of the fluid” explains David Costill, PhD, director emeritus of the Human Performance Laboratory at Ball State University. Still, when the inflammation is in your core, which is so essential to daily functions like sitting, standing, and breathing, it can feel debilitating. Here are a few strategies to get you belly laughing again quicker.

1. Break out the Hot Water Bottle
2. Flush and Feed
3. Put'em Through The Motions
4. Give'em A Squeeze

And most importantly, Make It A Routine
When you do an activity you’re unaccustomed to, the contractions necessary are novel to your muscles. Those fibers won’t be as efficient as if you were doing an activity you practice regularly; some will be firing incorrectly; some will be tensing up. In other words, the new movement will beat those muscles up a little extra. So rather than sporadically hitting your core with a surprise movement every few months, set yourself up for success (and less pain) by making core work a regular part of your routine. 

Click HERE to get the scoop on #1 -4

2XU Warehouse Sale - Toronto

Looking for new training or race gear. Check out this great sale at 2XU. There are definitely some great deals to be had. So good, by mid day the line up is down the block. Though well worth the wait, so grab a friend and take in a little retail therapy.


Congratulations to All Who Raced the Boston Marathon

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