Visitors, speakers and forthcoming conferences at #LSEPhilosophy 
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Coming up in Lent Term 2016


Visiting LSE Philosophy this term are Nicholas Baigent, Eric Brandstedt, Irene Bucelli, Tian Yu Cao, Ulf Dahlstein, Alexander Krauss, Deborah G. Mayo, Heinrich Nax, Thomas Seiler, Maria Serban and Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay.


  • Eran TalMark Addis and Klaas Landsman are among the speakers at the Sigma Club lecture series on philosophy of physics
  • Gerald LangMassimo Renzo and Wulf Gaertner will be speaking at the Choice Group lecture series on decision and social choice theory.
  • Roberto Buizza and Kaspar Plattner will present their work at the meetings of the Managing Severe Uncertainty research project.
  • Lisa BortolottiJohn DupréJennifer HornsbyJames LadymanA. C. Grayling and Tim Lewins are appearing at the Forum.

Forthcoming conferences

Decision Theory with a Human Face
A one day workshop on Richard Bradley's forthcoming book. Confirmed speakers include Jim JoyceWlodek RabinowiczKatie Steele and Anna Mahtani. (5 Feb)

Foundations 2016
Submissions are invited for the 18th UK and European Conference on Foundations of Physics, to take place at LSE Philosophy this summer. (Deadline: 15 Feb)

Explanation, Normativity, and Uncertainty in Economic Modelling
A conference exploring the philosophical aspects of economic modelling. Confirmed speakers include Anna AlexandrovaRichard BradleyRobert Northcott and Robert Sugden. (16–17 March)

50 Years of Worrall: Science, Structure and Rock 'n' Roll
A conference in honour of Professor John Worrall's 50th year at LSE. Confirmed speakers include Jim WoodwardJon WilliamsonBryan W. RobertsKatie SteelePhilip Kitcher and David Papineau. (18 March)
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