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Innovative solution for multi-use fields

This multi-use field was completed last January by our partner Polytan in Centennial Park Sydney. A synthetic turf system with a ProPlay-Sport shock and drainage pad was applied. The multi- use field is an innovative solution to give a variety of different sports and sports teams the opportunity to play and practice in the same area. 

The goal for the Moore Park Synthetic Field was to overlay a number of aged netball courts with a modern synthetic field offering multi-sport activity do the local user groups.

Polytan proposed an exclusive patented system of drainage cell, ProPlay Sport shock pad with LigaTurf RS+260 COOLplus football turf, meeting the performance criteria for FIFA, World Rugby and NRL. The drainage cell proposal eliminated the need to disturb the stable earth of the parklands ensuring a solid, well graded base retaining its long-term stability.

The football field, with multiple line marking is now heavily booked for team activity and compliments the nearby sports and recreation facilities. Not only are long established clubs playing and training on the surface, but small team sports activity is heavily booked beyond original expectations.

Please contact your export manager if you want to find out more about our solutions for multi-use fields.

Source: Polytan

First ProPlay Padel Court in Germany

Padel is an upcoming popular sport, similar to tennis. Players only use different bats, the playing ball contains less air and a padel game is always played with 4 players.  In Germany there are already some teams based and this trend is rising. Tournaments are organized and everything is slowly taking shape. Also, there's an official DPV - German Padel Association.

Currently a new padel court is being built in Cuxhaven, Germany. We have taken this opportunity to work closely with the club and the German Padel Association to see which ProPlay shockpad would be the best to meet the necessary requirements for the padel sport. Our R&D department tested several ProPlay products and the ProPlay-Sport15 (also used for tennis) showed optimal results in terms of ball bounce, shock absorption and deformation. A premium product for the padel sport is born!

Please contact your export manager if you want to find out more detailed information.

Featured project: official opening MRC Sports Complex

Our partner Astroturf completed this project in Abbotsford (Canada) in september last year. A ProPlay-EcoSport shock pad was applied under all three pitches, a total surface 28.500 m2. Th project was a partnership between the City of Abbotsford and the School District.

The MRC Sports Complex provides use for a variety of sports including soccer, football, field hockey, field lacrosse and rugby. It was officially opened April 8, 2016 by Mayor Henry Brown. In his speech he said: "Adding three artificial turf fields to our inventory increases field usage time by over 60 hours per week for the community, which ensures our youth to have all access to the amenities they need to lead a physically active lifestyle."

For more info about this project please check

Source: Abbotsford news release April 8, 2016

Improved synthetic turf solutions for landscaping

Synthetic turf for landscaping is becoming more popular due to lifestyle, environmental and economic reasons. Applications include public areas such as municipal gardens, public service areas, urban commercial landscape design and roundabouts. Therefore, we specially designed a high quality drainage layer offering additional benefits for synthetic turf solutions in landscaping projects.

It turns out, adding an engineered foam layer to the sub base has several significant benefits. For example the capability of the layer to drain heavy rainfall in a very short amount of time. This can be very convenient in areas which flood easily. Synthetic turf solutions with a foam layer underneath can prevent (water) damage in these areas. Kids playing areas will be safer for children to play because the surface will remain dry during all weather conditions. Additionally it will keep the backing dry which prevents wear and molding of the turf. Also it protects the turf when the sub base contains sharp or rough particles.   

The ESTO has set a quality classification of synthetic turf landscaping floor coverings that are designed for outdoor use. The level of use is assessed by a product’s ability to withstand simulated use in terms of pile standing, fibre loss and fibrillation. Especially in areas of medium and heavy use, a foam layer keeps the turf from moving which benefits the pile standing. When the area requires a luxury look and feel, adding a foam layer gives the turf more comfort because of its softening and shock absorbing capabilities. 
If you are curious to find out more about the possibilities we offer for landscaping projects, please don’t hesitate to
contact your export manager.
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