Welcome to SCRT's first monthly e-Bulletin

Welcome to SCRT's new monthly e-Bulletin. Over the coming months we will bring you articles, titbits and information that we hope will get you thinking differently about economics, banking, social finance and the third sector.
For every £1 created by Bank of England  only 8p trickled down to the real economy 
The Third Sector in Scotland is not well served by the mainstream Merlin banks. In that we are no different from micro businesses or SME's. Most banks today make their money in the financial economy i.e. by using money to create more more
The Development of Social Investment in the UK
The Alternative Commission on Social Investment with the SCRT hosted late last year in Edinburgh was very much a review moment for the social investment sector. The very fact that the Alternative Commission was happening was perhaps an indication that social investment was more 

What is the role of social investment in government procurement?
Barnardo’s is one of the largest and well established charities in the UK and as such is exactly the type of organisation, we are told, that  social investment is aimed at. Indeed the charity has already been involved in a Social Impact Bond trying to get more challenging children more
6 Principles of Sustainable Banking

As the culture and behaviour of our mainstream banks continue to shock and surprise us eight years after the financial crisis, it sometimes feels as if no lessons have been learnt and nothing has changed. But there are alternative ethical financial institutions out there more
The Robin Cosgrove Ethics in Finance Prize
This prize is committed to implementing ideas on how to promote trust and ethical behaviour in all aspects of the finance sector. For Robin Cosgrove trust was the essence of good banking. But he feared that many young finance professionals were losing touch with the more
Charities could be harming the people they seek to help

2015 heralds the seventh year since the financial crisis began and it might as well have happened yesterday. Austerity is still the name of the mainstream political game and continues to cause havoc within people’s lives and communities. Tuesday 6 January was ‘Fat Cat day’ more
BOOK REVIEW - Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea by Mark Blyth, Brown University

Blyth argues that austerity is the wrong idea at the wrong time and is not what a post financial crisis world needs. The author is a Dundonian and his mother died when he was very young and he was brought up by his grandparents in a working class more 

Watch his talk on austerity here

SCRT Products & Services - FOCUS on ANCHOR ACCOUNT
Based in Glasgow, Equal Say has been providing advocacy services since 1995. It works with all adults with a learning disability over the age of 16. As a registered charity it is very aware that it has to manage its money in an ethical and socially useful manner. It is for this reason that it recently decided to open an Anchor Deposit Account.  

Sam Cairns, the Manager at Equal Say said...
“We were attracted to the Anchor account for a few reasons.  Airdrie Savings Bank has a great reputation and fits with our ethos of ethical banking, but mostly we knew that investing with SCRT we were contributing to the strength of the voluntary sector and playing our own part by putting our money where our mouths are”
JOIN US.. If you are interested in our work then there are two main ways to show your support. Organisations can take out free membership of SCRT. And organisations and individuals working in the sector can open an Anchor Deposit Account.
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