Dear Friends and Supporters,                    

      NYEP facilitated its first Youth Advisory Board Meeting on May 9th. We are seeking foster youth between the ages of 13 and 25 to join us for monthly conversations about civic engagement, how the government makes decisions about care, and how they can influence those decisions while also building their resume and network. Please check out the Facebook page for more information, or join today by emailing to request the application link. Our next meeting is on June 6th.

      Monica was recognized by the Nevada Women's Fund as a Woman of Achievement at Grand Sierra Resort on 5/23. It was a wonderful awards ceremony and the recognition is greatly appreciated.

      On June 6th, Reno Women's Golf Club will hold their annual golf tournament at Washoe Golf Course. Proceeds will benefit NYEP. A couple of our residents will be there helping out, so be sure to say hi if you're there!

      On June 23rd, a couple fantastic Renoites are hosting Jill Atkins in their home to discuss custom jewelry pieces. We are very excited for this private event, as Jill is very talented and her pieces are highly sought after.

Thank you for reading and for being a part of our family.
Monica DuPea
Executive Director


  • On May 9th, Ruth Salas, a Community Educator with Planned Parenthood, visited NYEP to talk about Sex Trafficking and Social Media Safety. This is such an important topic these days and her class gave our residents valuable information on how to keep themselves safe. We hope to have her back soon!
  • Kacey Maher's Street Law Class continued on May 13th.
  • On May 19th, Margaret and Sarah of RE/MAX taught residents how to prepare Brazilian food! They made a rich stew with chicken, corn, and Brazilian spices, Brazilian cheese bread (pao de queijo), and a simple, three-ingredient chocolate truffle. They also brought a donation of funds raised at the SB & Associates Annual Golf Tournament, which we will use to buy a new couch for the CLP. Thank you so much ladies!
  • Dr. Bachman visited the CLP once again on May 20th to share her medical knowledge with us. She has built a trust and rapport with our residents since first coming to NYEP. They now feel comfortable asking her any health question and some of them even visit her office for medical appointments. 
  • May 21st was Family Night and we had a big family BBQ! We'll admit, we may have jumped the gun a little on using the grill - it was cold and rainy - but we just had to have those summer flavors. We grilled burgers, Nathan's hot dogs, and corn on the cob, set up a baked potato bar, and enjoyed fresh watermelon and pineapple. We topped the meal off with a tres leches cake. Yum!
  • Bob Lissner continues to spend his Sunday mornings with the residents, teaching them valuable skills and sometimes just having fun. We are very grateful for his generous nature around such a challenging population.
  • In May, NYEP residents prepared 13 group meals and attended 5 Problem Solving Groups, 5 Calendar Meetings, 5 Open Art Days, 4 Self-Defense Classes, and 3 yoga classes. 
Here are some photos from our adventures!

Cooking class time!

Making the cheese bread!

Many cans to open for the stew

Cooking class cuties

Bubbling away

The love of cheesy bread knows no cultural bounds. The Brazilian version is made with tapioca starch.

Hand-rolled truffles - these were deeelicious!

Thank you, SB and Associates, for the donation!

Nikki's "Handsome Squidward" and "Handsome Spongebob" created at Open Art Day, held weekly on Fridays at Reno Artworks

Can't forget "Handsome Fred Flintstone"

Adorable paintings on tiny canvases by Susan

This Month: Here's What's Happening This Month. Events where you might catch us and also events that we believe are worthwhile or just plain entertaining.

Cooking with RE/MAX  June 2nd

For 2.5 years, Margaret and Sarah have visited the CLP every single month to teach our residents to step out of their comfort zones in the kitchen. This month, we will be making sushi!

Reno Women's Golf Club Annual Golf Tournament  June 6th

This will be our third year as the chosen charity for the annual Reno Women's Golf Club Tournament and we are so grateful! The tournament kicks off at Washoe Golf Club at 8:30am on June 6th. A couple of NYEP residents will be there to help out and tell attendees about NYEP.

Street Law w/ Kacey  June 10th (Last Class!)

Kacey will be teaching the final installment of her Street Law curriculum this month, but she will be back! When we have enough new residents who have not attended the class, we will run the curriculum again. Kacey has been such a valuable and reliable teacher, mentor and friend to NYEP over the years and we appreciate her so much!

Urban Lotus Project's 4th Birthday (Group Volunteer Event)  June 22nd

Urban Lotus Project provides NYEP's weekly Trauma Informed Yoga classes, as well as classes to many other organizations in Reno/Sparks. They are turning 4 this month and celebrating with a party at Ferrari Farms on Mill St. from 12-4pm on June 22nd. NYEP will be there to help them with whatever they need to have a successful event. Happy birthday, ULP!

June 24th Dr. Bachman

Dr. Bachman returns in June with her unique brand of holistic health education.

Family Night — June 18th

We're not sure what we will be doing for this month's Family Night just yet, but we bet it will be fun! 

Love Notes Class — TBD

We are so excited to be restarting our weekly Love Notes Class this month now that we have enough fresh residents to populate the group. This is a great curriculum that teaches thoughtfulness, communication, compromise, and safety around personal and professional relationships.

Hands-On Class with Bob Lissner  Sundays

Bob's Sunday Hands-On Class continues through June. This is such a fun and informational class that teaches our residents important life skills that women are rarely taught. Bob has also offered his help in many other ways, from teaching residents to drive, to helping them find internship sites and jobs. Bob is awesome. 


         At NYEP, we recognize that the needs of parentless youth are many and varied, and our programming reflects that knowledge. It's hard to know what goes on at NYEP without being here to see it happen, but we want to share more with you! That's why we shine a spotlight on a different aspect of our Community Living Program on social media and our blog each month. 

        For the month of June, we are focusing on Typing. Typing skills are important now more than ever in today's work world. Depending on the job, employers are looking for applicants to type anywhere from 40 to 200 words per minute! At NYEP, we want our residents to be able to state honestly on their resumes that they can type at least 40 wpm. They hone their skills weekly using Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. The program is always available for those who want to take lessons and play fun typing games and each resident takes a typing test weekly on Saturdays. We track their scores and award bonus points (to be spent via our token system) to anyone who increases her typing speed by 5 wpm over her highest previous score

        Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blog for pics, memes and blog posts from the perspectives of both staff and residents throughout the month of June. You can also catch up on last month's spotlight: Money Management!
Pride and Greed
by Britney J. (age 20)

          "I'm 20 years old. I've been living at NYEP for about 10 months. Not long ago, I drew a picture of pride and greed as people to express what most people look like to me. People always tell me how nice and good-hearted they are, but I'm not convinced. I've always had trust issues that I've been trying to overcome. I want to trust people, but I just don't know how to when they keep doing things I consider harsh, mean or evil, and when they all look like the same monster to me. 

          I was abused at an early age and, though I'm not being abused anymore, I still see the same thing happening to other people and I still see negative people who only care about what happens to them and bragging about how nice they are when I haven't seen anything nice come out of them. Bullying, racism, murder... it's all happening every day. And trying to learn to trust people is hard, but I don't think I ever will unless the entire human race can magically change. I will always have to be cautious and fearful of people and always have ideas of the worst possible thing that could come from people." 
- Britney
"Andy Ruiz Jr."
by Susan M.
Age 20

On June 1st, 2019 Andy Ruiz Jr. became the first Mexican-American heavyweight champion in boxing. People thought he wouldn't defeat his opponent, who is a conditioned athlete and a champion in his own right. People underestimated Andy because he was the underdog. In his first title fight, he won with a lot of hard work and brought much pride to the Mexican culture. Andy inspires me to chase after my dreams because hard work will eventually pay off, and his win made me feel that my goals are achievable, too.
Susan is a longtime resident of NYEP who recently earned her Medical Assisting Certificate and is seeking a job in a doctor's office or hospital. She is currently interning to gain on-the-job experience. She is excited to begin working and save enough money to graduate NYEP.

We get a lot of requests for needs lists, so here is a list of things that would make life at NYEP easier right now!

Handyperson - NYEP is in need of a volunteer handyperson to address small issues at our CLP and affordable housing location, both in the University area. If you're handy, have your own tools, and can volunteer 1-2 days per week, please contact Monica at (775)240-2195.
Newer, Larger Vehicle for Client Transport - 
Our current agency vehicle is breaking down and is not large enough to transport our growing gaggle of NYEP girls. We love to travel away from the house as a group, whether it's to enjoy an evening on the town or attend a group volunteer event, so we manage with a combination of our old Jeep and small staff vehicles, sometimes making two trips each way. We dream of the day when we can fit all of our residents in one vehicle, but anything that starts every time would be an improvement! If you have a vehicle to donate or would like to make a monetary donation toward the purchase of a vehicle, please call (775)747-2073. 

Token Incentives
  At the CLP, we operate on a points, or "token," system. To some, a points system at a young adult independent living program may sound odd or like it is meant for kids, but we believe it helps us teach older youth the realities of adult life - namely, we do what we have to do so that we can do what we want to do. Our residents earn points for all of the positive and productive things they do while at NYEP and then cash them in for privileges and wanted items such as bus passes, phone payments, gift cards, special items, outings, and extended curfews. If you would like to support the token system by donating gift cards, movie passes, bus passes, or monthly memberships, please contact Jeanine at (775)200-4030.

NYEP is more than just a home — it’s a family. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for everything you have done and will do in the future. It means so much to us.

Thanks For Your Consideration!

NYEP has bed openings! If you know a female youth between the ages of 18 and 24 who is parentless, homeless, or otherwise unsupported and is ready to change her life permanently through direct action in a structured environment, please direct her to NYEP.

          For inquiries about bed openings, please call Jeanine at (775)200-4030. 

There are so many people and organizations to thank each and every month for their support. This month, all of us at NYEP would like to thank the following:
Cyz's Appliance
Marilyn York
Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation
Sanjay Lillaney
Marsha Berkbigler
Lumos Engineering
Laif Meidell
Heidi Foster
SB & Associates
Bob Lissner
Nathan Lissner

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