Dear Friends and Supporters,                    

      Last month, we had a successful recruitment event for the Washoe County Youth Advisory Board. Several former foster youth showed up, and Nevada State Senator Julia Ratti was also there. It is great to see serious youth taking action, and to have local leaders showing their support by being present and hearing what these youth have to say. Our next meeting is on July 11th at 1001 E. 9th St. Bldg. B from 5:30 - 6:30. I hope you will commit and really get engaged - I know I will! Please visit our Facebook page or email us at or for more info!

      I toured the Village on Sage Street on June 19th. I am so excited to see these new units provide housing relief for some folks. 

      We are still toiling away on our intergenerational housing complex and will be doing our lot cleanup on July 27th. Things are really moving along!
      While we do this important work, we are so grateful to the people who donate their time, resources and money to enhance our program. Margaret and Sarah from RE/MAX continue to visit for monthly cooking classes, preparing exciting things like African food and sushi. Bob Lissner visits weekly on Sundays for his "Hands-on Class" where he teaches our residents valuable skills like welding and business math. Bob shares our philosophy about teaching youth to be self-sufficient and empowering them to find what it is that they are good at and enjoy doing. His classes complement our curriculum perfectly. The Washoe Women's Golf Club donated over $2000 after their annual tournament last month! Carly Gurinskas had a clothing sale and donated over $500 as well as the unsold clothing. On June 23rd, Wendy Buxton hosted artist Jill Atkins for an intimate fundraiser with proceeds benefiting NYEP. Recently, Curative Grace donated 15 beautiful, coordinated bed sets to the CLP. Take a look below for pictures - they are so pretty and really upgrade the look of our home. I say it all the time: we could not do the work we do without this community behind us, so thank you!

Thank you for reading and for being a part of our family.
Monica DuPea
Executive Director


NYEP girls are constantly working on improving their lives and we love to recognize their accomplishments. Last month:
  • Susan was hired for a full-time, seasonal position by her longtime volunteer site, The Wilbur D. May Arboretum. Susan has volunteered well over 100 hours at he Arboretum, applying her natural green thumb and learning many skills along the way. Volunteer jobs don't always turn into paid jobs, but when they do, it's because of the volunteer's hard work and dedication. Way to go, Susan!
  • Nikki got a job at Renown as a Patient Safety Assistant. This is Nikki's first job in her chosen field. She will continue to attend classes at TMCC while working. 
  • Our girls are volunteering -- Briley at SPCA shelter, Joanie at SPCA Thrift Store, Nikki at The Discovery, and Britney at The Note-Ables. Every NYEP resident volunteers at an individual site of her choosing during her program. We also volunteer as a group at least once a month! We're proud to include civic engagement as part of our Community Living Program and so proud of our girls for being excellent volunteers.
  • NYEP graduate/employee an recent UNR graduate, Liliana just got her first job in public health at Renown as a Community Health Worker. While we will certainly miss having her help at NYEP, we are so happy for her and proud of her for moving on to this next stage of her life. Renown is lucky to have gained an employee like her.
We'll miss you, Liliana!!!

Way to go, ladies!
  • On June 2nd, Margaret and Sarah from RE/MAX taught NYEP residents how to make sushi! This is one that a lot of the girls have been wanting to learn how to make for along time. They had a blast!
  • On June 6th, the Washoe Women's Golf Club held their annual charity tournament and donated over $2000 to NYEP! Two of our residents were there to help out with the tournament. 
  • Kacey Maher concluded her Street Law class on June 10th.When we have enough new residents who have not attended the class, we will run the curriculum again. Kacey has been such a valuable and reliable teacher, mentor and friend to NYEP over the years and we appreciate her so much!
  • June 18th was Family Night and wing night! We ordered lots of hot wings from Wingstop and, once our hands were clean, we played games together. Playing games as a family is a great way to bond and get to know new members. It's one of our favorite ways to spend Family Night. 
  • On June 22nd, NYEP volunteered at Urban Lotus Project's 4th birthday bash at Ferrari Farms. We helped with teardown and also got to hand out with some sweet farm animals. It was a really fun way to show our appreciation to ULP for their weekly yoga classes.
  • On June 24th, Dr. Bachman visited the CLP for her monthly health class. This month, they covered mental heath and depression. This is such an important topic that touches all of our residents' lives, either personally or through a friend or family member. We appreciate having Dr. Bachman's insight on the topic. 
  • On June 26th, NYEP hosted a successful recruitment event for the Washoe County Youth Advisory Board. Senator Julia Ratti was in attendance along with several former foster youth. It's wonderful to see this all coming together and exciting to think of the difference these youth can make!
  • Bob Lissner continues to spend his Sunday mornings with the residents, teaching them valuable skills and sometimes just having fun. We are very grateful for his generous nature around such a challenging population.
  • In June, NYEP residents prepared 13 group meals and attended 4 Problem Solving Groups, 5 Calendar Meetings, 4 Open Art Days, 3 Self-Defense Classes, and 3 yoga classes. 
Here are some photos from our adventures!

Britney prepping sushi ingredients

Nikki learning how to make the perfect sushi rice

Behold! Our first sushi roll!

Wings for Family Night!

Cindy teaches the residents how to play Joking Hazard

Liliana shows off her funny card. Cheeky.

The gang's all here!

Community member, Carly Gurinskas poses with the money she raised for NYEP at her clothing sale.

The girls had a great time going through the leftovers.

We met a very cute cow at our volunteer event at Ferrari Farms

She loved being pet

And everyone loved her

Only Nikki liked the goat.

The cleanup crew

Senator Julia Ratti speaking to the Washoe County YAB

Beautiful bed sets from Curative Grace
This Month: Here's What's Happening This Month. Events where you might catch us and also events that we believe are worthwhile or just plain entertaining.

Washoe County Youth Advisory Board Meeting  July 11th

Please join us for the next YAB meeting. We are doing important things around foster care in Washoe County. The meeting will be held from 5:30 - 6:30 at 1001 E. 9th Street in Building B. 

RE/MAX Cooking Class  July 14th

This month, we will be cooking African cuisine!

Family Night — July 16th

We had a lot of fun last month playing games and eating chicken wings. This month we'll make a home cooked meal and watch a movie. We hope you have a Family Night this month, too!

Planned Parenthood: Intimate Partner/Teen Dating Violence  July 22nd

Planned Parenthood offers a wide array of educational classes for the community. This will be their second time delivering a class at the CLP. 

Dr. Bachman July 29th

In July, we will revisit the subject of feminine health.

Intergenerational Housing Site Cleanup — July 27th

This will serve as our group volunteer event for July. We've had a couple false starts on this as unexpected things have gotten in the way, but it will happen this month!

Hands-On Class with Bob Lissner  Sundays

Bob's Sunday Hands-On Class continues through May. This is such a fun and informational class that teaches our residents important life skills that women are rarely taught. Bob has also offered his help in many other ways, from teaching residents to drive, to helping them find internship sites and jobs. Bob is awesome. 

Youth Job and Career Expo at American Job Center  August 1st

This one isn't until next month, but we wanted to make sure we shared it with you before it happens! This is sure to be a great event, featuring employers offering jobs paying above minimum wage, mock interviews, resume writing classes and more! Our residents will be in attendance and we hope to see you there, too.


         At NYEP, we recognize that the needs of parentless youth are many and varied, and our programming reflects that knowledge. It's hard to know what goes on at NYEP without being here to see it happen, but we want to share more with you! That's why we shine a spotlight on a different aspect of our Community Living Program on social media and our blog each month. 

          For the month of July, we are focusing on Self-Expression Through Art (Open Art Day). Each week on Friday, NYEP residents visit a real art space and work alongside real artists to find inspiration and create something unique. Often, NYEP residents believe they are not creative or "artistic" enough to make art, but with encouragement and guidance, they learn that art means many things, and that anyone can be creative with the right mindset. Week after week, residents work on or complete projects they can feel proud of. This component is an important part of our program because art builds self-esteem and gets the mind working in new ways.

          Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blog for pics, memes and blog posts from the perspectives of both staff and residents throughout the month of July. You can also catch up on last month's spotlight: Typing!
The Girl I See in the Mirror
by Lakina B. (age 19)
The girl I see is begging for a plea
The girl I see is looking for me
The girl I see is in pain and desperate need 
The girl I see is lost 
The girl I see is what people forgot
The girl I see limits herself as a tiny dot 
The girl I see is asking for me
The girl I see standing in the mirror is me
"The reason behind this poem is a reflection of myself. Poetry is the best way I know how to put into perspective how I view my life. I struggle with getting my feelings out verbally, so I figured if I put my thoughts, my words and emotions in a short but simple paragraph the world may listen to what I have to say."
- Lakina
"The Girl"
by Viretta D.
Age 18

Once there was a girl who didn't know much
Then she walked into a place where she could be anything
As long as you work for it
But the sad thing is, she ran a good game
But at only 18, she was lazy
She said she wanted a job
She got it, but can't keep it
Why, you ask?
She never woke up on time for her job, kids 
Now days people don't understand what others had to go through 
Not a lot of people look through our eyes
But I can
Viretta has lived at NYEP for three months. She is attending HiSET preparatory classes at Northern Nevada Literacy Council and has been practicing welding at The Generator.

We get a lot of requests for needs lists, so here is a list of things that would make life at NYEP easier right now!

Vehicle for Client Transport -  The NYEP Jeep is officially down for the count. We love to travel away from the house as a group, whether it's to enjoy an evening on the town or attend a group volunteer event, and lately we're having to utilize Uber quite frequnetly in combination with small staff vehicles. We dream of the day when we can fit all of our residents in one vehicle. If you have a vehicle to donate or would like to make a monetary donation toward the purchase of a vehicle, please call (775)747-2073. 

Token Incentives
  At the CLP, we operate on a points, or "token," system. To some, a points system at a young adult independent living program may sound odd or like it is meant for kids, but we believe it helps us teach older youth the realities of adult life - namely, we do what we have to do so that we can do what we want to do. Our residents earn points for all of the positive and productive things they do while at NYEP and then cash them in for privileges and wanted items such as bus passes, phone payments, gift cards, special items, outings, and extended curfews. If you would like to support the token system by donating gift cards, movie passes, bus passes, or monthly memberships, please contact Jeanine at (775)200-4030.

Handyperson - NYEP is in need of a volunteer handyperson to address small issues at our CLP and affordable housing location, both in the University area. If you're handy, have your own tools, and can volunteer 1-2 days per week, please contact Monica at (775)240-2195.

NYEP is more than just a home — it’s a family. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for everything you have done and will do in the future. It means so much to us.

Thanks For Your Consideration!

NYEP has bed openings! If you know a female youth between the ages of 18 and 24 who is parentless, homeless, or otherwise unsupported and is ready to change her life permanently through direct action in a structured environment, please direct her to NYEP.

          For inquiries about bed openings, please call Jeanine at (775)200-4030. 

There are so many people and organizations to thank each and every month for their support. This month, all of us at NYEP would like to thank the following:
Children’s Advocacy Alliance
Lumos Engineering
Curative Grace
Cyzs Appliance
Carly Gurinskas
Western Nevada Supply
Matava Family
Laif Meidell
Lila Yocum
Debbie Baker
Lifestyle Homes Foundation
Washoe County District Health Department
Linda Gardner
Rosemary Gurpide
Jill Atkins
Wendy Buxton
Marilyn York

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