Hello NYEP Friend,       

          Please welcome Margaret Finel to the board! Margaret has been one of our volunteer mentors, teaching monthly cooking classes at the CLP, for more than THREE YEARS! We appreciate all she has done for us and are very happy to have her as part of our board.
          It sure has been a rough past few months. Keeping up on the evolving and changing information about COVID-19 is almost a full-time job, but understanding and accepting the projections has allowed NYEP to begin to move past denial, anger, bargaining, and depression, and get on with living, equipped with a better understanding of what the risks really are. The fact is, we the people can accept almost anything if we’re given the facts, and enough time to evaluate the risk and make our own decisions. So, now, after three months of acceptance, we’ve made a decision on how we wish to live. Sooner or later, you will too. It's all we can do. 
          Initially, we had extremely stringent precautionary procedures at the CLP, including no visitors and several-times-daily sanitization. Sanitizing is now done once daily and we allow visitors with masks and ask that they maintain at least 3 feet of distance at all times. Lots of changes have been made to programming and program delivery, as well. To date, we've gotten approximately 70% of our program transitioned to digital delivery and accountability. We've incorporated more physical activities and games into the program schedule, and we are in the process of developing an onsite coding and Wordpress training to help skill the residents in providing remote paid work.

          If you follow us on Facebook, you know we've been making masks. This has replaced our traditional civic engagement program, as most volunteer sites have closed or drastically changed operations. Each resident is assigned to cut fabric for 20 masks per week. They and our volunteer sewers have made and distributed over 1500 masks to date. Our friend Deborah Cadigan made us an amazing quilt with the fabric scraps!

          While the virus briefly halted our ability to safely move in new residents, there are still young women in need of housing. We’ve even been able to create a procedure with the County that allows for a safe roll-in process for homeless youth into NYEP’s housing program during the pandemic. We have safely transitioned one girl into the CLP using this process.
         While, for many, life seemed to stop in mid-March, the work at NYEP has not stopped! Since our last newsletter, we have assisted four of the residents in successfully completing high school. We also moved our affordable housing site and the CLP graduates who reside there to a much nicer home.

          We continue to work on our 10-unit intergenerational housing site. In July, NYEP was awarded a $140,000 judgement against TerraOne and Masih Madani for fraud regarding the shipping container concept. We’ve pulled together a new team and new product. Please call Monica at 240-2195 if you would like to contribute towards this complex.

          In a previous newsletter I shared with you a study showing that only 1.6% of donations go to women's and girl's organizations. How did that information hit you? Did it change how you give? Do you research whether an organization is effective before you give, or does their mission just need to be "sexy" -- or both? At the end of the day, did your contribution add to the problem by allowing an organization who doesn't produce results hog the funds and the limelight, or did it lend to a measurable solution? Charitable giving should make you feel good. Often just the giving and the doing can produce that good feeling, but if you dig deeper, does the feeling stay? NYEP produces measurable results and shows its donors the impact their dollars make so that good feeling just keeps getting better.
          I am calling you to action. If you’re really passionate about the agency or cause, please join the board or committee, make a donation, or bring someone over for a tour who can make a donation. We need your help more now than ever!
We’re all in this together,
Monica DuPea
Executive Director

This edition of The Beacon is dedicated to John Graham.


NYEP girls are constantly working on improving their lives and we love to recognize their accomplishments.
  • Sky, Kyla, and Kaitlynne all passed their HiSETs to earn their high school equivalencies from NNLC!
  • Sky received her Shampoo Technician Certificate!
  • Angel graduated from AACT High School and began attending classes at UNR!
  • Kaitlynne is working with SAFF to obtain her ServSafe Certification
  • Britney is being mentored by the Trades to become an Ironworker!
Way to go, ladies!
  • On July 4th, we had an Independence Day BBQ!
  • Teresa Walkerley continues to deliver Creating Your Brand via Zoom on Wednesdays. In fact, she never missed a beat! She also provides one-on-one coaching sessions for residents who are interested.
  • Roz Reynolds is also conducting weekly Zoom meetings on Mondays, as well as individual sessions. Roz's group sessions center around communication and problem solving.
  • Residents are working daily on cutting fabric for masks. So far, we have contributed over 1500 masks to the community!
  • On July 12th, Margaret and Nina took the residents tubing on the river. 
  • On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Cindy has been running Zoom meetings of her own. She likes to keep it fresh with games and growth mindset assignments. 
  • On Wednesdays, NYEP residents do yoga in their rooms with Facebook videos provided by local yoga instructor, Jen Haddix.
  • On Sundays, residents meet with Monica for a house meeting and personal assignments. 
  • Nina has been running Grocery Meeting on Thursdays and Calendar Meeting on Sundays.
  • Residents continue to cook three group meals per week.
Here are some photos from our adventures!

Ironing fabric for masks

All bagged up and ready to go!

Baby Yoda is our Quality Control Specialist

The community has been showing their appreciation.

We're also making surgical caps.

Our aspiring Ironworker, Britney

Family Day at the river!

Margaret and Kaitlynne before their harrowing rapids adventure

Congrats to Sky for earning her Shampoo Tech License!

A painting in progress by Kyla

Click here to view a short video of NYEP residents creating uplifting chalk art on the sidewalk outside the CLP.
This Month: Here's What's Happening This Month. Events where you might catch us and also events that we believe are worthwhile or just plain entertaining.

River Cleanup at Broadhead Park — August 4

Mask-making is still our #1 civic engagement project, but we're always looking for socially distant community service activities, and a river cleanup fits the bill perfectly. Community cleanups are in our blood -- we've done more times than we can count! It's hard to think of something more important these days than taking care of our environment, so we're gloving up and pulling out our grabbers and garbage bags!

Hike Day — August 12

Several of our staff and residents are what you would call the "outdoorsy" type, so hikes are planned often. We usually stick fairly close to home with the "N" trail or Rancho San Rafael, but we've also been known to venture a little farther.

Communication/Problem Solving with Roz — Mondays via Zoom

Residents learn how to better communicate and solve problems with housemates and other important people in their lives.  

Creating Your Brand with Teresa  Wednesdays via Zoom

Just because we're being socially distant doesn't mean we can't be self-aware. Teresa's workshops have transitioned seamlessly to the web. Teresa is also mentoring several residents one-on-one.

Zoom Meetings with Cindy — Tuesdays and Thursdays

COVID-19 has meant less in-person interaction between staff and residents, but face time is integral to our residents' success. Cindy gets her time in twice a week on Zoom. A game is often the order of the day, but Cindy has also started giving out growth mindset assignments. 

House Meeting and Personal Assignments with Monica — Sunday Mornings

At House Meeting, residents share any house concerns, whether maintenance-related, or a privacy issue, to be addressed by staff. Afterward, Monica hands out personal assignments because there's always room for growth!

Family Day with Nina — Sunday Afternoons

Family Night used to happen once a month. Now Family Day is every Sunday! Like many of you, recent events have had us thinking about what is truly important - spending time with the ones we love. For us, Family Day means a game, a horror movie marathon, or tubing the river. 


      At NYEP, we recognize that the needs of parentless youth are many and varied, and our programming reflects that knowledge. It's hard to know what goes on at NYEP without being here to see it happen, but we want to share more with you! That's why we shine a spotlight on a different aspect of our Community Living Program on social media and our blog each month. 

        For the month of August, we are focusing on Calendar Keeping and Time Management. Calendar Keeping has been an integral component of NYEP's programming since the early days -- everything starts with a calendar!

          For NYEP, these skills are no less important skills to teach now than they ever were - perhaps even moreso as extra time at home can make days run together and important tasks slip our minds - but resident calendars are looking a little different these days. We still use Google online calendars, but where you once found "school," "travel time," and "volunteering," you might instead find "growth mindset assignment," "Zoom Game Night," or "cut fabric for masks." We still have our weekly calendar meeting to go over upcoming plans and assess the previous week. 

          Residents are still held accountable for their time and our staff still checks in to make sure that they are where their calendars say they are. Calendar Keeping, like all of our program components, is designed not only to prepare our residents for independence, but to give them a leg up. NYEP graduates are the type who arrive five minutes early for meetings and have the cool confidence of someone who always seems to know what's coming next. 
Grad Speech
by Angel T.
2020 Valedictorian, AACT
Age 18
I could stand up here and talk about how graduating means taking the first few steps into the rest of our lives, but if I did that, then I might as well recite a speech that has already been written thousands of times before. We take steps that lead us to the rest of our lives every day. Whether those steps be towards a high school diploma or not. Graduation is a result. It is a result of hard work. Of dedication. Of ambition. And of so much more. 3 or 4 years ago, we all made a decision. A decision to be better; to do better. We decided to attend AACT -- a school known for having rigorous academics.

For some of us, AACT was a breeze, but for the majority of us, I think it’s safe to say that it is the place where we got our first letter grade that wasn’t an A. This may have been extraordinarily discouraging, but we continued on this path. We promised to do better the next semester, and every time we did this, we took a few more steps into the rest of our lives. Today is a day to honor those who continued to take steps in the direction of graduation. So to the student who made straight As, to the student too shy to give their opinion in class, to the student who kept going to school despite the chaos going on at home, and to all of the students in this room today, you should be proud.

Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That's a student every 26 seconds – or 7,000 a day. Each one of us has somehow managed to not be part of this statistic. We have all forged ahead, and no matter what direction we take our next few steps in, I know that all of us will continue to flourish. We will struggle and we will hurt, but we will also accomplish great things. The road ahead will bring forth many obstacles, but we will face these obstacles head on. We will be forced to do things we have never done before, but what’s important is that we are doing something. Today is our day. 2020 is our year. And right now, in this moment, we are officially high school graduates.
"I dreamed of delivering a speech at my high school graduation since I was in elementary school. While my graduation was NOTHING like I imagined it, thanks to a global pandemic, I'm so proud to have addressed a graduating class full of young people who persevered when things got tough. We finished high school during one of the most trying times this country has seen in the last 100 years and I think that is something to be proud of."  - Angel
Untitled (ink on paper)
Submitted by Kaitlynne D.
Age 22

"Art is one of my favorite pastimes because it helps me to de-stress and keep calm. Drawing is a great way to get creative." - Kaitlynne 

We get a lot of requests for needs lists, so here is a list of things that would make life at NYEP easier right now!

Token Incentives  At the CLP, we operate on a points, or "token," system. To some, a points system at a young adult independent living program may sound odd or like it is meant for kids, but we believe it helps us teach older youth the realities of adult life - namely, we do what we have to do so that we can do what we want to do. Our residents earn points for all of the positive and productive things they do while at NYEP and then cash them in for privileges and wanted items such as bus passes, phone payments, gift cards, special items, outings, and extended curfews. If you would like to support the token system by donating gift cards, movie passes, bus passes, or monthly memberships, please contact Jeanine at (775)200-4030.

Handyperson - NYEP is in need of a volunteer handyperson to address small issues at our CLP and affordable housing location, both in the University area. If you're handy, have your own tools, and can volunteer 1-2 days per week, please contact Monica at (775)240-2195.

NYEP is more than just a home — it’s a family. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for everything you have done and will do in the future. It means so much to us.

Thanks For Your Consideration!

          NYEP is currently taking applications and moving in qualified applicants after a quarantine period. To inquire, please contact Monica at (775)240-2195.


There are so many people and organizations to thank each and every month for their support. This month, all of us at NYEP would like to thank the following:
Bob Lissner
The Berrys
Lifestyle Foundation
NvEnergy Foundation
Evolution Petroleum
Katie Weagel
Lexie's Gift & Barbie Marcoe
Bob Quilitch
Rosalyn Reynolds
Robert Westwood
Margaret Finel
Christopher Dahir
Evans Family Foundation
Joy Orlich
Dian Vanderwell
Candy Greene
Reno Engineering
Jacobs Entertainment
Our Sewing Crew
VOA & Linda Grace
City of Reno
E.L. Cord Foundation
Cyz's Appliance
Marilyn York
Jim Joseph
Wandering Wyld Women
David Mansfield & Curtis Bros Construction
Washoe Hands
Stand Together Foundation
Wendy Stolyarov
Gorlick Family
John & Helen Graham
Teresa Walkerley
Ray York
Mark Simons
Mark Sullivan
Alexis Selig
Suzanne Buenting
MaryJo Hawkins
Alyssa Cova

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