Dear Friends and Supporters,                    

          The new decade is in full swing and, while some people take advantage of the new year to improve themselves, others just take advantage. 

          Last month, our affordable housing site, Sonder House, was broken into and several of our residents' personal items were stolen. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the police were able to recover and return the stolen items. Thank you, RPD! And thanks to Bob Lissner and Lifestyle Homes for fixing the door damaged by the burglar. 

          Experiencing this event has us feeling even more excited about our partnership with Truckee Meadows Housing Solutions to bring 10 new affordable units to the market, five of which will serve to replace the Sonder House beds. After Terra One stole $33,000 from us in their shipping container fraud, this is a welcome relief to know that we will have affordable and accessible housing for graduates for under $500/month. I talked about this project, the CLP, and the philosophy of change on Nevada Newsmakers on January 29th. Click here to watch.

          Being stolen from twice is not a great feeling, but our gratitude for the overwhelming support we get from this community on a regular basis is a bigger feeling, and we thank you! Special thanks go to Bob, Roz, Teresa, Margaret and Sarah for the hands-on work they do with our residents. Their efforts are invaluable.

          Want to send some love, like, or even lust to a special someone this Valentine's Day? NYEP, in partnership with Rounds Bakery, is delivering conversation cookie grams this Valentine's Day! Send your friends and lovers something sweet for the holiday. We have love messages, friendship messages, and naughty messages available. Your message will be received loud and clear, and then eaten!

          To order, click here. Once you've submitted your order, find nyepreno on Venmo to pay. You can also drop your payment off at the CLP. Unpaid orders will not be delivered! The last day to place your order is February 7th. Don't wait! Cross everyone off your Valentine's Day list with a few clicks. All proceeds go to NYEP. 


          Another fun and different way to give back to NYEP this month is by attending Drag Bingo at the Emerson on February 13th. This event benefits a different charity every month and we are so excited to have been selected!

Thank you for reading and for being a part of our family.
Monica DuPea
Executive Director


NYEP girls are constantly working on improving their lives and we love to recognize their accomplishments.
  • Stormy began attending Emergency Medical Services classes at TMCC!
  • Sonder House resident Susan completed her CNA coursework!
  • Sky passed her math and science tests toward her HiSET!
  • Britney was accepted to the Ironworkers Union Bootcamp!
  • Our girls are volunteering -- Kaytie, Joanie, Zariah, and Sky at the SPCA Thrift Store, and Britney at The Note-Ables. Every NYEP resident volunteers at an individual site of her choosing during her program. We also volunteer as a group at least once a month! We're proud to include civic engagement as part of our Community Living Program and so proud of our girls for being excellent volunteers.
Way to go, ladies!
  • On January 5th, Margaret and Sarah of RE/MAX taught the residents to make "Good Luck" foods for the New Year; black eyed pea soup, collard greens with bacon, and a King's cake! January marked the beginning of their third year conducting cooking classes at the CLP. We have never had a community member (or members) be so consistent with delivering a class at the CLP. Margaret and Sarah really understand what it takes to make a true difference in the life of a young person - Show up!!! Just showing up when you say you will makes such a huge impact. Thank you both so much for your dedication.
  • January 9th was the first YAB meeting of the New Year. We got great participation, held a raffle, and gave away a laptop!
  • On January 15th, Certified Life Coach Roz Reynolds visited the CLP for her first group class on Communication. To start, Roz got a feel for the residents' individual communication styles and learned what struggles they have encountered when trying to communicate effectively with others. 
  • Teresa Walkerley's weekly Creating Your Brand workshop continued on Wednesdays. The group recently hit a milestone and will celebrate in February!
  • January 20th was the annual Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service. NYEP participated by volunteering with the Food Bank at the Reno Convention Center. 
  • January 21st was Family Night. We ate chicken fingers and watched a scary movie! Even something as simple as eating dinner and watching a movie together can bring a family together and create time for bonding. 
  • Bob Lissner continues to spend his Sunday mornings with the residents. We appreciate Bob's willingness to share his knowledge with our residents and teach them things women rarely get to learn. 
  • In January, NYEP residents prepared 11 group meals and attended 4 Problem Solving Groups, 4 Calendar Meetings, 5 Open Art Days, 3 Self-Defense Classes, and 3 yoga classes. 
Here are some photos from our adventures!

Teagan and Zariah in Cooking Class

Joanie's makin' bacon

Shania and Margaret working together

Posing with greens

Such a fun crew!

Volunteering with the Food Bank on the MLK National Day of Service

Congratulations to Susan for completing her CNA coursework!

Susan chose to have Bob Lissner as her guest at her small graduation ceremony. <3
This Month: Here's What's Happening This Month. Events where you might catch us and also events that we believe are worthwhile or just plain entertaining.

RE/MAX Cooking Class with Margaret and Sarah  February 9th

February's theme is the Feast of St. Valentine. How fitting, because we LOVE these ladies!

Creating Your Brand with Teresa  Wednesdays

The group hit a milestone last month and will celebrate by having pizza as a group at Blind Onion on the evening of February 5th. Once the celebration is over, there's more work to be done. Wednesday morning groups will continue on February 11th.

Communications with Roz — February 12th

Roz Reynolds will return to the CLP to deliver her second Communications Class. Communication is at the center of all relationships and having good communication skills can make all the difference. 

Youth Advisory Board Meeting — February 13th

If you know a foster youth, 13 or older, who has the desire and aptitude to make a difference in the foster care system, please encourage them to join the Youth Advisory Board. Aged-out adults also welcome!

Drag Queen Bingo at The Emerson — February 13th

Come out and play some Bingo for charity. Win fabulous prizes and rub elbows with Reno's most fabulous queens. Proceeds benefit NYEP. We hope to see you there!

Family Night — February 18th

Escape rooms are all the rage these days. They're fun, challenging, and provide groups with a chance to work together on solving a problem. That's why it's a favorite team-building activity for employers and other agencies. Sadly, they are a bit expensive to take all the NYEP girls to, but we recently got a board game that can give us the escape room experience at home! We're so excited to play and win!

Painting with Karen  February 21st

Retired Art Teacher and Zonta Club Member, Karen Gulash will join residents at Open Art Day to create small paintings for NYEP's annual partnership with Zonta Club for Lunafest. We'll raffle off the paintings during the Lunafest screening in March. Stay tuned for details.

Group Volunteer Event: TBD

Do you know of an event happening in February that could use a group of hardworking volunteers? If so, please send an email to

Hands-On Class with Bob Lissner  Sundays

Bob's Sunday Hands-On Class continues through February. This is such a fun and informational class that teaches our residents important life skills that women are rarely taught. Bob has also offered his help in many other ways, from teaching residents to drive, to helping them find internship sites and jobs. Bob is awesome. 


          At NYEP, we recognize that the needs of parentless youth are many and varied, and our programming reflects that knowledge. It's hard to know what goes on at NYEP without being here to see it happen, but we want to share more with you! That's why we shine a spotlight on a different aspect of our Community Living Program each month.

            For the month of February, we are focusing on daily chores. At NYEP, residents are responsible for keeping the house clean. Like everything we do at NYEP, our chore system is multi-purpose. It is designed not only to keep our house looking clean and presentable, but also to teach our residents how to properly clean all areas of a home, from the kitchen, to the exterior areas. Chores are assigned on a rotating basis so every resident has many chances to clean each area of the house during her stay. Each resident is also responsible for cleaning her own bedroom and shares bathroom duty with a roommate. Every chore area comes with a carefully cultivated standard, printed and posted on the wall of that area. These standards provide clear instruction and guidance on how to clean an area and also erases all doubt as to what is considered "clean." Some of our residents were never taught how to properly clean. Some were not even allowed to clean where they lived before while others had ALL of the cleaning duties fall to them. NYEP's chore system teaches residents how to be cooperative and share duties when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of a home.
Art Speaks
(pencil on paper)
by Stormy H.
Age 18
Stormy has lived at NYEP for three months. In that time, she became the fastest resident ever to earn her HiSET through NNLC, and started EMS classes at TMCC. Stormy hopes to one day work for the Fire Department. 
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Review)
by Teagan Williams
Age 23

*WARNING: Spoilers below for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina*


          The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is about a 16-year-old half-mortal and half-witch. Her mother was a mortal, while her father was a powerful warlock. They died when she was a baby and she was raised and taken care of by her two aunties. When her 16th birthday was coming up, she had to sign her name in the Book of the Beast. She refused, knowing she wouldn't be able to see her mortal friends again. She learned to stand up for what she wanted to do in her life.      

          Sabrina was granted permission to spend half her day in mortal school and half in witching school. Turns out her father wasn't really her father. The devil himself was her father. She decided to sit on the throne and rule Hell as their Queen. She is more powerful than any other witch. She can even bring people back from the dead without a spell. This show is one of my favorites to watch because I love seeing powerful women standing up for themselves and not letting anyone tear them down. Not even her father, THE DEVIL HIMSELF. I personally recommend watching the show. 
Teagan has lived at NYEP for less than two months and is working on earning her HiSET. In her free time, she enjoys watching television and reading. She loves volunteering and hopes to one day work with elderly people.
- Teagan

We get a lot of requests for needs lists, so here is a list of things that would make life at NYEP easier right now!

Token Incentives  At the CLP, we operate on a points, or "token," system. To some, a points system at a young adult independent living program may sound odd or like it is meant for kids, but we believe it helps us teach older youth the realities of adult life - namely, we do what we have to do so that we can do what we want to do. Our residents earn points for all of the positive and productive things they do while at NYEP and then cash them in for privileges and wanted items such as bus passes, phone payments, gift cards, special items, outings, and extended curfews. If you would like to support the token system by donating gift cards, movie passes, bus passes, or monthly memberships, please contact Jeanine at (775)200-4030.

Handyperson - NYEP is in need of a volunteer handyperson to address small issues at our CLP and affordable housing location, both in the University area. If you're handy, have your own tools, and can volunteer 1-2 days per week, please contact Monica at (775)240-2195.

NYEP is more than just a home — it’s a family. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for everything you have done and will do in the future. It means so much to us.

Thanks For Your Consideration!

          NYEP currently has 2 bed openings. If you know a female youth between the ages of 18 and 24 who is parentless, homeless, or otherwise unsupported and is ready to change her life permanently through direct action in a structured environment, please direct her to NYEP.

          For inquiries about bed openings, please call Jeanine at (775)200-4030. 

There are so many people and organizations to thank each and every month for their support. This month, all of us at NYEP would like to thank the following:
Sierra Pharmacy
Evolution Petroleum
M&M Living Trust
Mark Sullivan
Christopher Lim
Dermody Properties Foundation
Reno Rotary Foundation
Soroptomist International of Truckee Meadows
Mary Jo Hawkins
Hasbara Agency
Dara Security
James Imand
Margaret Zimlich
Bob & Jeannette Berry
Rosalyn Reynolds

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