Happy September, <<First Name>> !

from LA.

I became a certified nutrition coach!

  • It has been 1.5 years in the making. Thanks for riding with me.

I’ll be attending my 4th ayahuasca ceremony this weekend.

  • Preliminary intentions include mind expansion, heart expansion or aura cleaning.

I’ve been thinking about JOMO (joy of missing out)

  • JOMO: the pleasure derived from living in a quiet or independent way without feeling anxious that one is missing out on exciting or interesting events that may be happening elsewhere.

I’ve been loving my Portion Plate.

  • It reminds me to eat complete meals vs. grazing, and helps me to increase my vegetable intake (half the plate).

I’ve been listening to Sufjan Stevens’ “Chicago”.

  • For when you need to appreciate the cyclical and ephemeral nature of life.

Current Motto: “Don’t be in a rush to fix everything. Allow yourself to be with things that are broken.” - Unknown

TWS helps career achievers, age 30-50, meet their potential with private wellness coaching online. We offer mobility, strength, rowing and nutrition.

P.S. We now accept credit card.

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