A Constant God in a Changing Season
Cindy Hobbs Janecka ~ Vision of Hope Newsletter
 ~ October 2015

"The emotions experienced throughout life are in constant fluctuation, but the God of this life is never-changing. When life is uncertain, God is unwaveringly steady."
My Heart Hurts: Finding Hope in Heartache
by Cindy Hobbs Janecka

"His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness."
2 Peter 1:3

With the cool, crisp weather of autumn also comes the back-to-school chaos and fall frenzy for many of us. Although we may welcome the normalcy of a routine or the end of a hot summer, we can find ourselves inundated with the emails, phone calls, meetings, fall sports and other commitments that follow the school calendar--even if we no longer have school-aged children.

Thankfully, we serve a God who is not daunted by the change of seasons and the ebb-and-flow of a busy life. The constancy and consistency of His love, provision, and grace are unwavering as we travel through the chaos before us.

When we feel that we can't handle the busy-ness of life, stress of work, problems in our family, or unexpected difficulties that disrupt our routines, God reminds us that He provides what we need to navigate it all. May we be reminded of God's abundant provisions and steadfast hope in all that we will encounter this fall. 
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