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This week's double shot of content greatness comes to us courtesy of Steyer copywriter, Kaleigh Jurgensmeyer.
 She writes:

As someone who's worked pretty extensively in email marketing, it's safe to say I love a good email. Enter Really Good Emails, a wonderful resource for design, copy, and accessibility tips and best practices.

I have a deep appreciation for graphic designers and photojournalists who use their media to elevate a story and create something that tells a story in its own right. This report by Project Information Literacy is a fascinating study about how the "symbolic vocabulary" of visual news coverage has shaped our understanding and emotions about COVID-19. The study serves as a reminder of the real influence of the content we consume, but also of the importance of reclaiming our information agency and critically evaluating what we see and read.

Foam from our last Doppio: "How to Learn Everything" and WindowSwap.

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Some Really Good Emails

Image via Really Good Emails.

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