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Celebration and resolve are the words that come to mind at the end of this historic week. As we reflect on power and its distribution, on history and the future, let's take a moment to check in on the overlapping circles in the Venn diagram of who we are, what we believe, and what we create.

his week's double shot of content greatness comes to us from Steyer writer, Maria Renninger. She writes:

My K-12 chances to study history were dry and limited. Mesopotamia, if mentioned at all, was a dreary collection of facts about grain distribution, Cleopatra's domination was misattributed to her luck and looks, and discussions of colonization were restricted to recycled propaganda. What a difference a few decades make; my teen daughter introduced me to Overly Sarcastic Productions, an addictive collection of brief, funny, animated tutorials on history, mythology, and literature. Last week I had only a general awareness that the people of ancient India were prolific inventors; this week I learned about ancient India's history as "a Bronze Age civilization about a millennium ahead of the rest of the world."

When Representative Jim Clyburn of South Carolina suggested the United States adopt "Lift Every Voice and Sing" as our national hymn, I thought "yeah!" and went on an internet odyssey listening to different renditions. This gorgeous performance by the HBCU National Choir features 105 singers all performing socially distanced from their homes, with multiple conductors and accompanists in separate venues, all edited together into one beautiful whole. As the lyrics say, they "sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us."

Foam from our last Doppio: "Hot Vinyasa Flow for Crushing Self-Doubt" by Dobby Gibson and a performance by Swedish magician, Malin Nilsson.

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Image via Overly Sarcastic Productions

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