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We return to the endless joys of the Steyer Slack conversation for our double shot of content greatness this week. Enjoy:

We've heard a resounding request for more music recommendations in recent weeks, and Steyer content project manager, Jen Carlston, took up the call. She writes: "I'm in a mellow music mood this afternoon. Here's a cover of one of my favorite R.E.M. songs, 'Walk Unafraid,' sung by the Swedish folk duo, First Aid Kit." Fun fact: First Aid Kit's version of the song was featured in the movie "Wild," based on the book of the same name by Cheryl Strayed.

If you see a can of paint lying on the floor of an art gallery, don't assume it's an invitation. Two gallery visitors learned that lesson the hard way earlier this month when they accidentally defaced a painting by JonOne valued at over $400,000; they missed the signs that the paint and brushes strewn about were part of the installation. The story raises interesting questions about the perceived gap between street art and fine art, and the impact that the popularity of interactive experiences has had on our public consciousness. Or, as Steyer CEO, Kate Walton, puts it: "To be filed under 'That Totally Could've Been Me...'"

Foam from our last Doppio: Wallpaper form the 70s and a closer look at the Veil Nebula.

Team Steyer

"Untitled" by JonOne, before and after. Image via the NYT/"Street Noise" exhibition organizers

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