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How is everyone feeling? I've been practicing lingering a little longer on hopeful news this week, instead of scrolling past and waiting anxiously for the other shoe to drop. Maybe that'll work for you too!

This week's double shot of content greatness comes to us from Steyer writer and project manager and Doppio editor, Chloe Olewitz. That's me! Enjoy:

I don't have any children and the extent of my parenting knowledge comes from having been parented. But I do know people with kids, and content people with kids, at that, and we all started out as little rascals, didn't we? This essay by Leslie Ylinen in McSweeney's bridges worlds I had always considered to be not just separate but completely incompatible, and oh did I get the giggles. Here it is: The UX on this Small Child Is Terrible.

Soleá: the Flamenco of Seville follows Juan Ramirez, a guitarist who traveled from Colombia to southern Spain to study flamenco where it lives. Through Ramírez' journey, the short film introduces the many disciplines that come together to make flamenco. But what has always captured my itinerant ancestral spirit is that flamenco cannot be watched or listened to, not really. It cannot be performed. It must be felt. Ramírez shows us the difference between the head space of practice and the heart space of art, and flamenco shows us how our pain can become our gift, if we let it.

Foam from our last Doppio: OK Whatever's weird alt-news and WePresent's creative blog.

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Image from "Soleá" by Go Project Films via Psyche.

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