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November 19, 2015

New Marine Program Course Allows Students to Study in Belize

A little more than a year ago, Karina Scavo was growing coral in a lab to decorate fish tanks. Then she came to Boston University for graduate studies in marine biology, and by last December she was in ten feet of Caribbean seawater, growing coral for a global effort to save the reefs. It was an experience she never dreamed she would have as a first-semester graduate student—but this was an undergraduate class. Read more
Students of Professor Alice Cronin-Golomb’s PS/NE 338 course, Neuropsychology, cook up their best concoctions for the class’s annual Edible Brain Competition.

Call for Hariri Institute Research Proposals

In pursuit of its mission to catalyze collaborative, interdisciplinary research, the Hariri Institute for Computing is accepting proposals for its 2015-16 research award program. Hariri faculty affiliates doing research that applies data-driven and/or computational approaches are eligible to submit proposals. If you are not yet an affiliate, please apply here. Proposals are due Monday, November 30, 2015. For more information, please visit their website or contact Linda Grosser, director of program & project management at the Hariri Institute.

Call for DLI EdTech Grant Proposals

BU's Digital Learning Initiative (DLI) is accepting grant proposals to fund BU faculty to develop and implement creative uses of educational technology. All ideas are welcome, though they are particularly interested in specific focused strategic areas. Proposals are due Friday, January 15, 2016. More information on submission guidelines and the proposal process can be found on the DLI website.

It's All Here: arts&sciences Magazine

The Fall 2015 issue of the College of Arts & Sciences alumni magazine, arts&sciences, is now online! Find out if exercise can make you smarter, how to make tastier ice cream, and more. Read now

Department chairs, directors, and administrators, remember to review the CAS Chairs and Directors Guide for other important upcoming administrative responsibilities.

From BU Today

BU Celebrates International Education Week
Among on-campus events: free food, fashion shows, TED talk

One Class, One Day: The Wire Teaches Politics and Policy
TV series shows how some cities really work
Paris Perspective
In French capital, CAS historian James Johnson analyzes Friday’s tragedy
The Physics of Food
CAS class teaches tastier ice cream and perfect steak

From Research

Mathematics, Neuroscience, and Epilepsy
Mark Kramer creates mathematical models of brain patterns, and he wants to make it easier for others to create them too

Faculty News

More than 1,000 physicists from five experiments were awarded a share of the $3 million Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. BU neutrino physicists contributed to two of the five experiments, Super-Kamiokande and K2K/T2K. Read more
Assistant Professor of Biology Peter M. Buston’s article, “
Patterns, Causes, and Consequences of Marine Larval Dispersal,” was recently published on Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United Stateswebsite. The article discusses how to use distance-based models of larvae exchange between populations as a useful conservation tool in combating global population declines.
Neurons journal has highlighted a paper written by Professor of Psychology Howard Eichenbaum, titled “During running in place, grid cells integrate elapsed time and distance run.” You can read more about his research
In an article on, titled “
2015’s Rates of Uninsured by State Before and After Obamacare,” Professor of Economics Randall Ellis commented on the successes and obstacles that Obamacare has faced, as well as the misconceptions about the healthcare initiative.
In a new study titled “
The distributional preferences of an elite,” Slater Family Professor of Behavioral Economics Raymond Fisman and co-authors suggest that politicians may be more likely than an average person to make decisions that worsen financial disparities. Read more
A study co-written by Professor of Economics Kevin Lang, titled “Discrimination and Worker Evaluation,” was highlighted in an article discussing the old adage that it’s harder for minorities to get ahead in society.
Read more
Michael Pregill, interlocutor at the Pardee School’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations, has been facilitating content curation on Mizan, a multi-channel digital initiative sharing insight on Muslim societies.
Read more
Henrik Selin, associate professor of international relations, has co-authored a research paper on the European Union’s mixed record in environmental governance in the prestigious scholarly journal, Annual Review of Environment and Resources.
Read more
Assistant Professor of Economics Johannes Schmeider was featured in an article titled, “What Behavioral economics can teach us about unemployment insurance.”
Read more
Jessica Stern, internationally renowned expert on terrorism and former member of the National Security Council, will join the Frederick S. Pardee School as a research professor, starting Spring 2016.
Read more

Student News

Saturn as an Exoplanet,” a paper written by Paul A. Dalba, a graduate student in the Department of Astronomy, was published and featured on the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center’s website. It focuses on exoplanetary science, one of the most rapidly evolving disciplines in astronomy.
CAS freshman Raina Kadavil had a busy start to her freshman year. In August of 2015, she published her first novel, The Voice of Thunder, and spoke at the Youth Assembly at the United Nations. Read more
Vicky Kelberer, who is pursuing her MA in international affairs, published an article on one of the most informative websites on Middle East politics, culture, and society, Middle East Research and Information Project. Her article, “Seeking Shelter in Jordan’s Cities: Housing Security and Urban Humanitarianism in the Syria Crisis”, talks about how adequate shelter in Syria could make a very positive impact on the lives of Syrian refugees fleeing from war. Read more

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