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Business Leaders Buying Influence with Politicians to Illegally Promote Expansion of State Government at Expense of Common Citizens

MACKINAC ISLAND, MI., MAY 28, 2015-- -- Bill McMaster, State Chairman (Volunteer), Taxpayers United Michigan Foundation, issued the following observations of news coverage during the three-day Mackinac Policy Conference of the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce:
1.      Sandy Baruah, President of Detroit Regional Chamber, on WJR this morning;
Two of the four main accomplishments from last year’s Policy Conference have been the Detroit – Canada International Bridge and the Detroit Regional Transportation Authority’s M1 Project.”
·         Correction from Taxpayers United on the Government Built Bridge
a)     “The Detroit Regional Chamber is apparently out of touch with recent developments regarding Gov. Rick Snyder’s plan for a Government Built Bridge over the Detroit River between Detroit and Canada. Detroit- born Matty Moroun has the support of Detroit Mike Duggan for a privately funded Twin Ambassador Bridge. Billionaire Matty Moroun is years ahead of Gov. Snyder and the Canadian Government by already owning needed land for a Southwest Detroit site for a U.S. International Customs Plaza and has the immediate funding to adapt and pay for it.
b)     “Gov. Snyder and Sandy Baruah apparently don’t understand why the people of Detroit and Michigan prefer American Free Enterprise to build the Twin Bridge using Half a Billion Dollars of Private Funding rather than abdicating in secret dealings the construction and operation of a $2.5 Billion unnecessary Detroit – Canada competitive bridge to the Canadian Government with no benefit or involvement of Michigan citizens”.
·         Correction from Taxpayers United on the Detroit Regional Transit Authority/M1
a)     “The Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, Gov. Rick Snyder, Paul Hillegonds, Michael Ford and/or news media are intentionally ignoring the fact that the Detroit Regional Transit Authority is not a legal entity. The Michigan Supreme Court ruled in May 2006 that the Detroit Area Regional Transportation Authority (DARTA) violated the 1978 Headlee Tax Limitation Amendment in our Michigan Constitution and ordered DARTA to be immediately and permanently dissolved. And it was!
b)     “The Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce celebrated the creation of DARTA at the Mackinac Policy Conference three years earlier. Many of the same politicians advocating for DARTA without the constitutionally required majority vote of the people are today promoting the illegal creation and operation of the Detroit Regional Transit Authority. Most of the $180 million cost of building the “Detroit Streetcar Line to Nowhere” (3.2 miles down Woodward from the old GM Building to the new GM Headquarters in the RenCen) is under construction now with funding by Michigan Taxpayers but without constitutionally required voter approval.
2.      Gov. Snyder has been claiming in campaign-like appearances around the U.S. that his policies for “Reinventing Michigan” have been remarkably successful resulting in “Michigan’s remarkable economic recovery.”
·         Correction from Taxpayers United of Gov. Snyder’s promoting “Michigan’s remarkable economic recovery”

a)      “Most Republican candidates running for office last November, including Gov. Snyder, campaigned on a mandate to reduce the size of State government, cut State spending and reduce the tax burden on Michigan families still recovering from the continuing effects of the Great Recession. In fact, Gov. Snyder has done the opposite. He has cut taxes on businesses while increasing taxes on still-struggling Michigan families. 

b)      “In violation of the 1978 Headlee Amendment in our Michigan Constitution, Gov. Snyder has, without the majority approval of Michigan voters, permanently increased taxes on Senior Pensions and Homesteads. He has also imposed new taxes on families using home computers and the Internet to buy needed items and enabled local governments to impose new taxes for ‘Special Assessment Districts (SADs)’.Gov. Snyder’s spending and taxation makes Michigan’s Total State Revenue at $54 billion the highest in history.

c)      “In spite of Gov. Snyder promoting how he is ‘Reinventing Michigan’, the State’s unemployment rate of 5.4 % still only matches the National unemployment rate that President Obama claims he is responsible for lowering.

d)     “Gov. Snyder’s use of taxes collected from common residents to support Corporate Welfare has proven to be an unending millstone. Michigan’s Office of Auditor General has raised major concerns in two Audits already this year”.
3.      Doug Rothwell of Business Leaders of Michigan, Keith Crain, Editor in Chief of Crain’s Detroit Business, and Stephen Henderson, Editorial Page Editor of Detroit Free Press share the same lack of understanding of Michigan’s Constitution as it relates to the need for majority voter approval on tax increases required by the Headlee Amendment in the Constitution.

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Taxpayers United Michigan Foundation was founded in 1976 by Dick Headlee (deceased 2004) and Bill McMaster to successfully win statewide voter approval of the 1978 Headlee Tax Limitation Amendment. It has evolved into a tax deductible 501(c)(3) under the IRS code as a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational foundation helping educate grassroots taxpayers how to defend and control their Constitutional Rights despite exploitation by unethical public officials and units of government.

Bill McMaster is still President of national award winning McMaster Marketing & PR he founded in 1968.

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