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Re: GBE Robust Specification on File Download Pages on Green Building Encyclopaedia

Hi <<First Name>>

I hope this finds you well and busy.
I have started website to promote ‘Solutions Providers’ like yourself and your/their ‘Solutions’: products and accessories.
I would like to outline a proposal for your consideration.
GBE Specifications for Products, Accessories and Systems
GBE would like to write GBE Robust Specifications for your products, accessories and systems.
If you have your own specification, GBE will accept it as a starting point, review it and improve it to GBE Robust Specification quality.
GBE Robust Specifications include the reason the designer chooses the product and is Robust enough to help defend the choice when it comes to “Value Engineering, Cost Cutting and Substitution”.
Specification(s) could be published on the GBE website as:
  • single document with all clauses included
  • separate documents with individual products, accessories and systems
  • separate detail applications as separate specifications including applicable products and accessories
All clauses will be linked into the encyclopaedia, jargon buster, checklist, Issue papers, problem and solution pages so that is can found from those pages too.
Specification clauses will be posted on their own GBE File Download web page.
Specification pages will be linked to and from these GBE 6 Core pages. (see below)
Tasks are carried out as follows, with pricing:
Briefing process: identifying which products, accessories and assemblies to specify x hours @ £25/hour
Write robust specification clause for products and accessories 1 hour each £25/hour
Write robust specification clause for detail assembly, cross referencing products and accessories clauses 1 hour each £25/hour
Write additional supporting clauses:
e.g. preparation, workmanship, testing, etc.
x hours @ £25/hour
Mark up total specification for individual detail assembly specifications 1 hour £25/hour
Edit out each detail assembly specification to separate document 1 hour each £25/hour
Specification File Download page created, listed and linked   £5 each
Upload files (free to download by users)   £5 each
I trust you find these prices low enough to consider favourably.
I suggest you consider trailing one or two products, to see results before trying more.


Speak with Brian Murphy about Specifications, Pages and Advertising in GBE Encyclopaedia and GBE Newsletters
T 01733 238148 M 07973 281024 (UK GMT 09:00 - 18:00)
Links: GBE Solution Provider Proposal 2015:
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