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Newsletter 1 (2016)
Support from the EBU - Next Steps - Report of 2015
The Network in 2016:

Support from the EBU!

We  are delighted to continue our Network in 2016 with the support of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

The European Broadcasting Union is the world’s leading alliance of public service media, serving 73 Members in 56 countries. EBU’s mission is defending the interests of public service media and promoting their indispensable contribution to modern societies.
EBU Members run over 780 TV and 1040 radio services and broadcast in 123 languages to a potential audience of 1.03 billion people.

Next Steps

In your responses to the Network Questionnaire, you advised us on many issues, including how to connect us all. Following the results, this phase will focus on creating synergy and interaction between the network members by:
  • Creating a simple website for basic information about the network and access to the roster.
  • Creating a presence in social media platforms, including a private, members-only, by-invitation Facebook group for those who have answered the questionnaire. This is to share news, ideas, opinions, and resources! (It will not give anyone access to your own Facebook profile, simply allows sharing and discussion.)
  • Continue a bi-monthly newsletter as well as outreach and community-building.
The website and social media presence will go live at the end of February. Expect to hear from us then.

Please also continue to share with us your ideas and advise on how the Network can grow, connect, and collaborate!
  • For the time being, the Expert Roster exists as an open access, searchable Google Spreadsheet.
  • You can change or add to  your information and invite colleagues to join via the Questionnaire. We will update the Roster regularly.
  • You will also find the links to the Roster and the Questionnaire, as well as the past newsletters, on the RIPE website: Get Involved!
"This is Us":

The Report on the Pilot 

In the Network Questionnaire, you responded to many questions that are not included in the public roster. Those responses will guide us forward in developing the network. We have now summarized the responses we received before 30 November, 2015, into a short report (while keeping the responses anonymous).

Please access the report here!

New Open Access Resources!

All RIPE@ Readers are now available for free as PDF file downloads on the NORDICOM website.

The new special issue from the Media Studies Journal on the Future of Public Service Media is available here.


Public Service Media In a Networked Society?

We are pleased to announce the eighth biennial RIPE conference that will be hosted by the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Antwerp (U Antwerpen) in collaboration with the Free University of Brussels (VUB), and sponsored by Flemish public service broadcaster VRT.

Please see the full Call for Papers HERE,  
or via the conference website

Thank You for Joining!

You are receiving this newsletter because you responded to a questionnaire for Public Service Media Researchers.

The RIPE network was founded in 2001 by a group of scholars and practitioners working on the future of public service media. It is an informal association that produces conferences and publishes research. 
This newsletter is about a project to map PSM experts around the world. Our goal is to create a continually updated online resource that anyone can access. We need your help and appreciate your engagement!
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RIPE Facebook
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RIPE Website
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Please continue sharing the Network Questionnaire, link here!