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Fire Damages the Orphanage

Dear friends,
We come bringing sad news and requests for prayer! This message came from Daniel Edeh regarding a fire at the Lokoja orphanage that devastated an entire wing and burnt up four generators, wiring, and roofing. Fortunately, no lives were lost. 

     “My wife and I left MoM Orphanage Lokoja 4:00PM Saturday, January 31st heading to the orphanage in Otutulu. Three hours later while we were still on our way, we had a call from Lokoja that the main building where nannies and babies reside caught fire. We thank God people we called came to their rescue and were able to extinguish the fire after sometime.
      Though it damaged the building and our small generators got burnt, no life was lost and I learnt only one person had some burns.
     The cause is connected with careless handling of electrical appliances and careless handling of petroleum products.
     One of the three wings of the hostel is badly damaged. The ceiling, electrical lines, roofing sheets etc are burnt up.
     All the four small generators we used to pump water and do other minor electrical services with are burnt down.
     One of our staff handling the generator has burns on his hand.
     There was divine intervention; otherwise the whole building would have been in shambles and lives lost.
     Some of our medical building project workmen and lots of people from the surrounding communities came and helped to extinguish the fire.
     The fire lasted for about 30 minutes or more before people were able to put it out.
Lots of sympathizers visited the following day to register their sympathy.
     All our children were moved out of the building before the escalation of the fire.
     All our staff and children: the blind, those on wheelchairs, those with crutches were able to move/crawl out to safe place.
     Please praise the Name of the Lord for this divine intervention and pray that the Lord bail us out of the challenges that follow this ugly incidence.

Your brother in Christ,
Daniel A Edeh
Ministry of Mercy, Kogi State, Nigeria”
What a difference from when we were there, only a few short months ago!

If you would like to donate toward repairing the damage that the fire caused, go to our website (button below) and click the PayPal donate button. Even if you do not have PayPal, you can donate at this link with your credit card.

After you have put in your donation information, click on the blue plus sign “Add special instructions to the seller” and include a note that the donation is for the fire damage.

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Ruth Carlson, Esther Nordman, Pauline Rappold and all of Caroline Gross's children.

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