Clean energy mini-grids are lighting up the night, from rural Africa to the United States. 
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Five clean energy social enterprises 

They provide affordable clean energy to those who need it most and can afford it the least. 

In the last few weeks, I feel like I've been around the world in five clean energy social enterprises. If you listen to the podcast Social Entrepreneur today, you'll hear my conversation with Steph Speirs and Steve Moilanen of Solstice. This is the fifth in a series on clean energy.

In episode 122, I spoke with Sam Goldman of d.light, a pioneer in solar energy for the developing world. Sam shared the story of being bitten by a snake in the middle of the night while living in the West African country of Benin. He also saw the son of his neighbor, burned over most of his body because of a kerosene lantern. This motivated Sam to bring his first solar product to market in 2008. This month d.light raised $22.5 million in funding.  

In episode 123, I had a conversation with Allison Archambault of EarthSpark International. They provide pre-pay electricity through a microgrid in Haiti. A microgrid is an energy system that is at a community scale. Allison joined EarthSpark on a six-month assignment. That was six years ago. 

Episode 126 featured Harrison Leaf of who helps mini-grid operators utilize “the internet of things,” wireless connectivity and a platform, primarily in Africa. Harrison told me "My work is my protest." He is focused on designing high-tech systems that work in the most rugged, off-grid places on earth. 

And episode 127 focused on Clementine Chambon, Amit Saraogi of Oorja. They are working on rural electrification in India utilizing a hybrid solar and biomass system. They are early on their journey. They will launch their first mini-grid in 2017. 

Today, we speak with Steph and Steve about why many Americans are locked out of inexpensive clean energy and what it is that they are doing about that. You can hear that conversation here:

Listen to this journey around the world in clean energy and let me know what you think. 

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