Culture and Culture Shock: What Raleigh Students Think

We're used to our weather here, and know that if a weatherman says snow there won't be any eggs, milk or bread at the store if you wait too long to go, but sometimes you have to wonder what other people think about our culture, particularly our student population who come here to study. That's exactly what one of our next events is all about - finding out what it takes to adapt to American culture, and specifically to Raleigh culture. Raleigh Sister Cities will host an international student panel discussion on Thursday, Feb 17 at 6:30 pm at the Mordecai Historic Park Visitor Center, 1101 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh. The event is free and open to the public.

The panel discussion will focus on the experiences of international students as they adapt to American culture and the U.S. education system. University and high school students from France, Germany, China, Kenya and the United Kingdom will participate. Interested in the impact we're having on other students? Read on!

RSC has partnered with Wiley International Studies Magnet Elementary School to connect its students with students in our Sister cities. Kind of like the pen pal programs in the days of old, but with a modern twist.

A Wiley French teacher reports: "Our Partnership with Compiègne is rolling! I have been in contact with a team of teachers at College Jacques Monod Compiègne and we received a package of letters from their students along with a picture of the school staff. French students at Wiley and myself are very excited about the experience!  French students at Wiley are getting their letters/ package ready and we will send it to Compiègne in the coming week. Along with the teachers at Compiègne, we are also looking at other ways of collaboration between the two schools. Thanks for your support and help in making this Partnership happen. It is surely enriching both language programs at Wiley and in Compiègne."

The German teacher has been in contact with a school in Rostock and hopes to work with them in the future.
In keeping with the theme of travel and cultural impact, the Broughton-Rostock Exchange, which took place Sep 24 - Oct 10, 2015, brought eighteen Erasmus Gymnasium (college-prepartory high school) students and their two teachers to visit Broughton High School where they shadowed their exchange partners for a taste of life in Raleigh. The Broughton student exchange will see the Broughton students travel to Rostock from Jun 19 - Jul 13 to stay with families in Rostock and maybe fit in a visit to Berlin. The students appreciated their time together, and sent some comments about the visit:
"Learning languages and interacting with others has always been one of my biggest passions, but the exchange with the students from Rostock taught me that no matter how much you put into a class it just can't compare with the incredible experience of meeting and getting to know other people from around the world. The exchange with Rostock was one of the best experiences I've ever had and I can't wait to go see them again this summer!" - Wynne Plaga, Broughton, 18

"This exchange was a great opportunity for us to make friends that we otherwise would never have made, and to form friendships that will last well into the future. It’s also a great way to learn about another culture, and to experience life in a different part of the world." - Myra Lewontin, Broughton, 11th grade, 16

"The exchange program is one of the best things I have experienced. I´m so glad to take part in the progam and get to know so many new things and people and to make new friends in other contries. Can´t wait to see them all in Rostock. Being in Raleigh was very great. The program is also a great way to speak and learn foreign languages." - Tobias Poschmann, Erasmus-Gymnasium, 11th grade, 17
A note from our intern, Kimmie Zoll: 

Hello! My name is Kimmie Zoll and I'm a student at NC State University. I'm a senior majoring in Art+Design with a concentration in Animation and New Media. I hope to graduate in December of 2016! I love reading, writing, watching movies, and drawing with charcoal pencils.

I'm also the new intern here at Raleigh Sister Cities and will be working with George Chapman on the public art project. We are working on designing an idea for a sign post that could be installed somewhere in Raleigh that would give information about our sister cities and bring more awareness to Raleigh Sister Cities. We hope to have a workshop in April, so that people from Raleigh Sister Cities and the community can give input on the project. I'm also helping with a few minor design projects interspersed throughout the time I'm here. I'm really looking forward to working with all of you and getting to know about the cities that you all work so closely with!
Upcoming Events:

Feb 17 - International Student Panel Discussion
Feb 18 - Rostock Cultural Night
Mar 5 - Cycle for Kingston-upon-Hull
Mar 6-13 - Kingston-upon-Hull Exchange
Mar 9 - Taste of Our Cities - Farm to Fork Fundraiser and Annual Meeting
March 17 - Rostock Cultural Night

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Broughton High School and Nairobi Partnership Planning

Broughton High School served as the venue for the Nairobi Committee’s “Proud of our Culture” event in September. As part of that program, Isaac Kuria, an RSC Board member and Founder of Myles of Great Hopes, presented to four IB and Global Studies classes the mission of his organization and the challenges faced in Kenya and greater Africa, particularly those issues dealing with clean water. Developing a partnership between Broughton High School and Students in Nairobi is being explored. Want to help? Contact the Nairobi committee and let them know!

Tournées French Film Festival:

We hope you found some time to visit the Tournées French Film Festival at NCSU, but in the event you haven't made it yet, it's scheduled to be there until February 11. Attendance is free and open to the public (free popcorn on Thursdays!). More information is available here.
Interested in helping with the Kington-upon-Hull exchange Mar 6-13? Contact Doug Johnston for more details!
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