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The week is just starting out but if you're already feeling bogged down, here's a little motivation:
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Today’s checklist: Take charge of your future, tour a virtual office, and nail down your Halloween plans. 



Treat Your (Future) Self 


When was the last time you gave your future self some quality attention? We’re not talking about the future self eating that recipe you plan to make for dinner; we’re talking about the future self that has achieved your current self’s goals. 

The generalized anxiety and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us feel stale, stagnant, and frankly, completely stressed, but we’ve got uplifting news from writer and Harvard psychology professor Dr. Daniel Gilbert: We all have the power to become exactly who we want to be. Own your future self.


Just Another Day At The Virtual Office 

Imagine a world where you never have to commute, where a massive snowstorm doesn’t stop you from getting to the office...where you can be in California and seamlessly whiteboard ideas with colleagues in Sweden. 

You can do more than imagine this world. You can experience it within the “walls” of a virtual office. 

Spatial sets you up with an avatar that doesn’t just look like you but also sits next to your coworkers, talks to them, and even interacts with an immersive environment powered by virtual and augmented reality. Get the feel with a free trial.

VirBELA actually allows teams to gather in an open virtual environment or even construct a dedicated team suite, private campus, or meeting space. Avatars can interact via voice and chat and even use expressions to convey their emotions. Explore VirBELA’s free open campus.



Last-Minute Fright Night Fun 


You could dare to virtually enter a haunted house like California’s Winchester Mystery House, or if spooky stories are more your style, then you could group-binge the podcast "Spooked" while sitting by a virtual bonfire. All you nature lovers may want to gather your wolfpack to enjoy a virtual viewing of 2020’s rare blue moon

You could even have people don costumes and join a Zoom meeting anonymously for a mysterious and spooky guess-who game. 


Unleash your inner pumpkin fanatic with a pumpkin beer tasting or a virtual pumpkin carving (or painting) party. Send your friends and co-workers boxes with more treats than they could gather during a night of trick-or-treating and then play one of Tabletopia’s spooky digital games. Gotta have your favorite candy? Take a trip to Treat Town™.


Want To Give Your Team More Treats? Host A Virtual Murder Mystery Party!

Gather your remote team online and collaborate virtually to crack the case of a deadly crime in Outback Team Building's Virtual Clue Murder Mystery!

Split into teams, examine clues, review case files, and channel your inner detectives as you race against the clock to solve the mystery of who had the means, motive, and opportunity to murder Neil Davidson. 

To sweeten the deal, we've secured a 50% discount for you and your team to try it out today!


“Chief of Staff” Looks Good On You 


You have a clear vision for your career. You see one bright shiny goal at the top of your climb: becoming chief of staff. So how do you get from where you are now to where you want to be? 

A member from State of The Executive Assistant asked herself this same question. Here’s what you can learn from her journey: 

Prepare a pitch. You’ll need to answer two overarching (and inevitable) questions: 

1) “What value would you bring as chief of staff?”

Paint a picture of all the organizational problems and needs you could address as chief of staff. 
  • Be specific about your plans. 
  • Explain how your plans hedge on your growth into a new role. 
2) “Why can’t you just take on these projects in your current role?” 
  • Your answer might touch on the extra support staff you could manage or additional training that would strengthen your plans.
Create a development plan. After you’ve sold your potential value as chief of staff, it’s time to ask for what you need.  Create a list detailing…
  • The skills you want to develop.
  • The support you need to develop these skills. (E.g. tuition assistance for graduate school or a certificate program.) 
  • How these new skills equal solutions and add value to your organization. 
Be ready to adapt. The EA who inspired this segment didn’t immediately land her dream position. However, when leadership turned down her pitch, she handled the news with professionalism and maturity.

Most importantly, she asked them where they did see her if not in a Chief of Staff role. By doing this, she invited a compromise and extended the conversation, ultimately earning tuition reimbursement for her MBA and also the opportunity to prepare, in smaller steps than she originally envisioned, for her dream role. 


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