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On this Election Day, remind yourself...

Today’s checklist: Think more strategically without taking a class, host the best-ever virtual strategy session, and have a few Election-Day laughs. 

Special thanks to Kathia for suggesting we talk strategy this week.



Strategic Thinking 101 


When you think strategically, you direct thoughts toward achieving specific goals. Like a GPS system, strategic thinking leads you past unnecessary detours and ill-advised “shortcuts,” pinpointing the most direct path toward your end goal. 

You don’t have to attend military school or take chess lessons to cultivate strategic thinking skills. You can start by developing these 5 simple habits.


The Strategy for Making Your 2021 Strategy 

Strategy? 2021? What? If you’re anything like us, then the COVID-19 pandemic has you operating on a day-by-day or week-by-week basis. But, as I’m sure you’ve heard, a new year is on the way whether we’re ready for it or not. So how do we prepare? How can companies pivot strategy sessions to virtual formats and still be effective?  

We’ve got our eye on two solutions: vendor-facilitated virtual strategy meetings and strategic planning software. 

Vendor-Facilitated Virtual Strategy Meetings
This is a good option for large companies with many stakeholders or teams who want to nail down a strategy in one shot and need everything to be perfect. 

Vendors use their expertise in online meetings to coordinate and facilitate your virtual strategy session, delivering interactive capabilities that get participants from all locations engaged. 

Options to check out: 
Strategic Planning Software
This is a good option for small companies or teams looking to develop and adjust strategies over time. 

Strategic planning software makes it easy to visualize and brainstorm even big-picture plans online, getting everyone on the same page even if they’re not meeting in person. 

Options to check out: 
  • GroupMap, for real-time idea rating and voting 
  • Airfocus, for customized and actionable prioritization methodologies
  • Clearpoint Strategy, for automatic data integrations to inform plans


One Platform To Rule Them All

Planning, tracking and delivering your team’s best work has never been easier with

Remote employees and teams love it because of its intuitive and visually pleasing interface. Not to mention, you can create automations without any coding knowledge and spend less time on repetitive tasks.

Creating boards and knocking out tasks becomes a fully transparent process. It’s highly customizable and you’ll be able to design whatever workflow works best for you!



US Election Day: Fun Political Facts to Keep You Sane

  • Campaign attacks are hardly modern developments. Back in 1800, John Adams made this attack against Thomas Jefferson: "Murder, robbery, rape, adultery, and incest will be openly taught and practiced, the air will be rent with the cries of the distressed, the soil will be soaked with blood and the nation black with crimes.” 
  • Eugene Debs, a member of the Socialist Party of America, ran his 1920 presidential campaign from prison. 
  • Amy Klobuchar’s ex-boyfriends infused her senate campaign with $17,000. 
  • Single men need not apply. Only one bachelor (James Buchanan) has ever been elected president.  
  • During the Women’s Suffrage movement, opponents tried to knock activists down a peg by marketing caricature figurines, such as cats holding “I Want My Vote” signs.


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