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Today’s checklist: Talk yourself up during a global pandemic, nail those giant end-of-year meetings, and pick up some Google Sheets pro-tips.



Writing Self Evaluations in the Time of COVID 

It might be an understatement to call COVID-19 the elephant in the Zoom room where your performance review will take place. 

This pandemic has affected everyone, so it can and should be part of your thought process as you—possibly filled with anxiety—sit down to write the self evaluation portion of your review. 

The tips below will help you consider some common performance review competencies through a pandemic-fogged lens.

Take a look at the goals you set during your last annual review. Obviously, feel free to focus on the ones you accomplished, but also address any you haven’t. Consider these questions: 
  • Were these goals affected by the pandemic? How? 
  • Are these goals still viable in the new normal of your work?
  • Would additional support or resources help you achieve them? 
  • What ideas do you have for resuming progress toward the goal? 
What additional responsibilities did you take on due, directly or indirectly, to the pandemic? 

If you’re running short on specific accomplishments to discuss, then focus on what you’ve learned. What additional knowledge or skills have you pursued (via classes, webinars, etc.) to better respond to the pandemic?
  • Tip: Ask for extra time to complete your review. When the pandemic hit, many people quickly took on additional responsibilities. You’ll need time to scour your emails and calendars to piece together all the amazing things you’ve done. 
Leadership Skills 
Think not only of your concrete accomplishments, but also of the characteristics you’ve embodied. The pandemic may have galvanized you to demonstrate resilience, logic, or multitasking skills. Maybe your organizational skills have been an asset during the virtual transition. With just a little noodling, you’ll find plenty of areas where you shine.

Your value goes beyond your measurable output. Discuss your contributions in terms of relationships, citing actions you’ve taken to support, connect with, or uplift your colleagues.  

You can also illustrate strengths you’ve shown in communicating or being transparent during any workplace modifications or shifts to remote work.  

If you need something, say something. While performance reviews revolve around past performance, they should also lay the groundwork for your future success. Ask for the support and resources you need while you and your boss are in a goal-focused mindset. 

Get even more knowledge fuel for your 2020 reviews from Culture Amp, Harvard Business Review, and Slack

Don’t forget! It’s all going to be okay. Most people squirm at the mention of annual reviews, but try your best to stay calm and keep a sense of perspective. If all else fails, you could follow the example of Lisa from the SOTEA Facebook group. She watermarked her review template with “I am awesome.” Her boss agreed and also got a good laugh. 


Managing a Larger than Large Meeting

In charge of coordinating a meeting that everyone (plus their mothers and grandmothers) seem to be attending? Whether you’re planning a gigantic end-of-year conference or the annual all-hands meeting, these posts from Airmeet and Executive Secretary have the large-scale event guidance you need. 
  • Use Cogsworth for setting schedules and managing reminders 
  • Set a key goal and a clear purpose 
  • Pick the right virtual platform 
  • Visualize the meeting to solidify the event flow 
Before you go…you might also want to think about avoiding these things as you’re planning.


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Mastering Google Sheets  

Do you ever get the sense Google Sheets can do so much more than you’re letting it? Well, you’re probably right, even if you’re already a master. There are tons of capabilities hiding beneath those orderly cells, rows, and columns. For example…

Did you know you can...
  • Use Google Apps Script along with Google Sheets to automate emails? Zapier has the step-by-step guide
  • Use Google Sheets to create a perfectly formatted checklist? Ben Collins will show you how. (Actually, he can also tell you almost anything else you ever wanted to know about Google Sheets. Seriously, bookmark and search it next time you have any Google Sheets questions.)
  • Add data to Google Sheets to organize it and prepare it for websites? Google Developers has the instructions
  • Create shortcuts for translating text, writing HTML code, and more? Zapier has the scoop.
  • Create a Gmail mail merge? Ben Collins will show you how.


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