What's New at Ocean Gallery?!

Week of 5-4-15

We have a new website!  We will be updating the site regularly to keep everyone up to date with what's going on at the store.  This newsletter will be sent on a weekly basis and will contain information on new arrivals, specials, and anything else exciting going on at Ocean Gallery! 

They're Here, They're Here!  The BRAND NEW Red Sea Reefers have arrived and we are the first in NJ to have them!

Features of the Red Sea REEFER include:

  • Rimless, ultra-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium
  • Elegant marine-spec cabinet
  • Professional sump with constant height skimmer chamber and micron filter bags
  • Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow
  • Integrated automatic top-up system with reservoir
  • Assembly-ready piping – no gluing required
Come by today!  They are going to go fast!
Tip of the Week!

Clarifying Murky Pond Water

Here at Ocean Gallery, we are pond experts!  We can help you with all aspects of your pond care!  From feeding to cleaning to designing, we do it all- but there is definitely one question we get asked more than any other...
"My pond water is cloudy and murky, what can I do?"
There are many answers to this question and it would be best if you met with us in person to discuss all the parameters of your pond situation.  But generally speaking, it can be solved a few ways:
Better Filtration
UV Bulbs
Treatment Chemicals
Less Sunlight Exposure
Less Livestock
More Water Movement

When you stop by, we will help you pinpoint the issue causing your murky water and help solve it on the spot!
For this newsletter, our deal of the week are the awesome Pajama (PJ) Cardinalfish!  
The Pajama Cardinalfish is a rainbow of playful colors. It has a greenish-yellow face, bright orange eyes, and a silver-based body dressed with a bold black scalar margin and a posterior dotted with orange polka-dots. Though its bold coloration may stand out, Sphaeramia nematopterahas a peaceful nature that lets it blend perfectly into any community saltwater aquarium.
This week only, pick up one of these guys for $9.99!  Normally $29, come by today and take advantage of this 66% off deal!
Also, this week we are also offering some JUMBO Fiji Blue-Green Chromis for $6!  This fatties usually go for $14.99 and have some of the best color you've ever seen in a Chromis!  An absolutely fantastic addition to most any tank, come add some SHINE to your tank this week!
And finally, our last offering for this week are the API Master Test Kits for freshwater, saltwater, and reef systems.  This kits include over 500 tests and are a MUST for anyone who wants to make sure their fish and invertebrates are in high quality water!  These test kits are normally $30.99, but this week only, get them 50% off!  You won't find a better deal on these kits anywhere else!  
Offers valid through 5/10/15.  Must mention newsletter at time of purchase to get savings.

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