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NHS banner outside Prince Albert: rainbow and "Protect Staff - and end underfunding, fragmentation and privatisation. Free & Fair Health and Social Care for All"

Dear supporters

Tomorrow is Sunday 5th July, the 72 anniversary of the founding of the NHS.

In recent years we've held picnics to celebrate and discuss NHS campaigns locally and nationally. This year things are a little different, there's little cause for celebration. But it's never been clearer how much we need good quality health and social care, freely available to all. So we've hung too banners in Stroud, one at the Prince Albert pub pictured above, which read:
"Protect Staff - and end underfunding, fragmentation and privatisation. Free & Fair Health and Social Care for All".

Read on for our action guide - which includes full details of the Our NHS Deserves Better Online Rally, 3.30pm tomorrow 5th July.

First, please read the letter we sent to the Stroud News and Journal for publication this week (we sent it last Friday morning but they have declined to publish it either online or in the paper). If you're on Facebook please share the letter.

Sunday 5th July is the 72nd anniversary of the NHS. It was created in the aftermath of World War II - a conflict that saw 67,100 British civilians killed – to create something better for us all.
In the UK the number of “excess deaths” s the UK went into coronavirus lockdown is frightening. As of the 28th May 2020, more than 63,000 people have died, than died on average in recent years. During the COVID-19 crisis, NHS and Social Care workers (as well as many other public service workers) have been on the frontline. They have often had to work without proper resources and PPE, within an already struggling system. At least 247 of these workers have died.
This is also a critical moment when the systemic inequalities in our society are starker than ever. We urgently need to address the reasons why mortality rates from COVID-19 in the most deprived areas were more than double the least deprived areas. That death rates from COVID-19 have been substantially higher among people with Black and Asian ethnicity should prompt profound reflection and change. Likewise, the many disadvantages placed on disabled people and others with additional needs have never been clearer.
Since 2010 the NHS has suffered its worst funding ever squeeze. It is expected the shortfall will be £26 billion by the end of 2020/21. Even before the pandemic, waiting lists were rising and already there had been an estimated 120,000 excess deaths as a result of the cuts since 2010.
When we emerge from this deadly crisis, the NHS deserves better. We all deserve better. Here are some of our demands that make up the Keep Our NHS Public ‘2020 vision’ for the NHS:
There are currently 40,000 nurse vacancies in England alone, and it is predicted the NHS will have a staffing shortfall of 250,000 by 2030. Nursing and allied health professional student numbers have drastically fallen since the removal of nursing bursary as financial support. We demand Proper pay and respect for all NHS and care staff. We demand the government rebuild and properly fund the NHS.
As the UK Government turns its attentions to post-Brexit deals, the NHS is more vulnerable than ever to being included in trade deals. The threats to the NHS from a post-Brexit trade deal are similar to the threats from previous trade deals, like TTIP. We demand the NHS is kept out of all Trade Deals.
Recently introduced immigration checks, data sharing, and charges before NHS treatment are deeply harmful and an attack on the basic principles of the NHS. The hostile environment creates fear that discourages people from seeking medical attention – worsening illnesses. This is cruel, and makes no public health or economic sense. The government has rendered 600,000 people living in England, including 120,000 children, ineligible for free NHS care. Many lives have been put at risk and great hardship caused. We believe that access to treatment should be free at the point of use for all. We demand the hostile environment and charges to access the NHS are ended.
Finally, privatisation of the NHS must be reversed – and radical reform of social care so it is publicly owned and run once again. This is the only way it can be integrated efficiently and effectively with health services. We demand Health and Social Care back in public hands.

Petition: Say no to a US-UK trade deal


SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Cat Hobbs (We Own It), Dr Sonia Adesara (Keep Our NHS Public), Helen O’Conner (GMB), John Lister (Health Campaigns Together), Dr Kambiz Boomla (Doctors in Unite), Kevin Courtney (National Education Union), Laura Ho (Build Back Better), Laura Pidcock (People’s Assembly), Rachel Ambrose (mental health nurse) and Roger McKenzie (Unison) more tba

Covid-19 has exposed what’s wrong with healthcare, in the 'spirit of 2020', it's time to rebuild and go much further. Here are some of our demands that make up our ‘2020 vision’ for the NHS:

Join the online rally on Sunday 5 July at 3:30 pm which will be live-streamed on the YouTube KONP channel, and Keep Our NHS Public Facebook Page.

Sign the Patients Not Passports petition: Everyone has a right to safely access healthcare in the UK (30 signatures so far)


 New video from Keep Our NHS Public narrated by Alison Steadman
Sign the petition: 6 Demands from NHS staff to help us tackle Coronavirus (260,000 signatures so far)

Keep Our NHS Public is committed to supporting the NHS and its workers as they tackle the current coronavirus crisis.

Here is some information about our campaign so far, including ways you can help.

Please get in touch if you would like to get more involved - with leafleting, organising events, or otherwise helping to keep the Keep Gloucestershire's NHS Public campaign running - click to email us

Last night, 65 people gathered outside Downing St to remember the 300 NHS health and care staff who have lost their lives in this pandemic, and each represent 1,000 of the people who have lost their lives.

Watch Sky News coverage including an interview with Alia Butt talking about the protest.

Nursing Notes has been maintaining a digital memorial to at least 247 health and social care workers are thought to have died from COVID-19. Frustratingly, they recently announced that "While our team remains dedicated to memorialising the deaths of health and social care workers, organisations now refuse or ignore any requests we make to verify a death. We are sorry we can no longer provide an up to date list."

Tonight Saturday 4th July, there is going to be a national remembrance event for all those lost to Covid-19 - this will consist of a candle-lighting and 1 minute silence at 8pm.

Please join in, place a candle in your front window and support this special act of honour and remembrance, it really will be very much appreciated.

Find our more about the Yellow Hearts to Remember - Covid-19 group, who say "Our aim is simple - we want to ensure our loved ones are recognised and remembered as more than just a statistic. Unfortunately, up to now, there has been very little discussion and coverage of the bereaved and lost, other than the statistics on the news. This is very hurtful to us as grieving families and now, as life starts to return to a little more normality, we feel it’s time to remember them."

Then on Sunday, you can say thanks to everyone involved in the NHS, you can light a candle or light by your window and everyone go out and clap at 5pm.

Hands Off Lydney and Dilke hospitals have a Facebook event for tomorrow so you can share/invite friends to take part.

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