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We've all heard the horror stories concerning identity theft.

Steve Bustin found out that someone was masquerading as him when he started to receive emails aimed at his impostor. 

June 13

Simpson's in the Strand
100 Strand, London

12:00 sharp - The Mikado
12:45 Drinks
13:15 Lunch
15:15 Close

Tickets £112 for members
£120 for non-members


The Mikado


Hosted by Susan Kench

This time is set aside for getting to know everyone at the meeting.  We use a unique framework to get everybody talking to each other.

Susan is a LinkedIn tutor and will be teaching us about LinkedIn while helping us to meet as many people as possible.

June 13:  Steve Bustin
Identity Theft

In 2018 Steve found himself in the media spotlight when he discovered he had (completely unwittingly) become the face of an international online dating scam, after scammers stole and used photos from his social media profiles.      Read more...


July 11:  Roger Bootle
Chairman of Capital Economics

Roger has written many articles and several books on monetary economics. His latest book, The Trouble with Europe analyses what has gone wrong with the EU and what needs to be done to put it right. This follows The Trouble with Markets, which analyses the deep causes of the recent financial crisis and discusses the threats to capitalism arising from it. Like his previous book, Money for Nothing, which correctly anticipated the financial crisis, it has been widely acclaimed.      Read more...


Meet Our Newest Member:

Jarmila Yu, YUnique Marketing

Identifying a gap in the market for board-level marketing strategy leadership in SMEs, Jarmila uses her immense experience to unlock the marketing potential in ambitious businesses.  She helps businesses get more leads, more sales and a higher profile. As a Top100 ranked CMO she is sought after for her expertise in Brand Management, Go-to-Market Strategy and Integrated Marketing Campaigns. 
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