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Keeping up With Colombia

Beautiful Women, Barrista champion and more

We owe readers another big thank you. In November you created two records. The first is the most reads in one day for this entire year. The second is the most reads we have had in one hour since the beginning of the blogsite.  Muchas Gracias. You are who keep us writing.

Just 25 to experience? - There are hundreds of unique things to experience in Colombia. But a good place to start with are the suggestions of world travelers Daniel and Audry. Check out their blog An Experiential Travel Guide to Colombia: 25 Ideas to Get You Started   

Pinterest - Yes, we have boards on that popular site - It is a great way to visually connect with our writings. Check our Michael and Graciela Boards

More Colombians speaking English - According to an article in Colombia Reports, the Colombian Ministry of Education will be having intensive courses in English for some of their high school students. Later the best 100 will get a trip to Sherman Lake Camp near Kalamazoo, Michigan USA.

Colombian Barrista champion - Mauricio Romero brewed his way to the top spot in the Colombian National Barista championship. His next test is competition in world championship in Dublin, Ireland. To understand what it took for him to win check out the review of the competition by Karen at Flavors of Bogotá. 

Keeping up with all Colombian Bloggers - Yes there is more than one of us writing about Colombia, and now we are a group. The best way to get the latest of what everyone is writing is to add Colombian Bloggers  to those you follow on Twitter. 

Vegan delights in a small town near Medellin, Colombia - Randi over at the blog site of  Veggis Visa  travels the world searching out Vegan delights. She recently discovered in the city of Guatape, Colombia three places serving dishes she approves of. Even if you are not into the meatless food her writing has some wonderful photos of the colorful picturesque town.

Angelo should be in movies, instead he is in Guatape - Seems like many bloggers hit the small town near Medellin this month.  Angelo  Lo Presti started in his Sicilian village working towards Hollywood, but now he stars in his own video about Guatape. Let me warn you though, watching his videos can be addictive.

Cartagena on a budget - Cartagena is one of the most expensive places in Colombia. It is also one of the most touristy. We wrote about it after our trip there a few years back  However Co-creator of Veggie Visa, another Michael, has a web site called Just a Pack. He and Randi also write there. In this case they tackled how to do Cartagena on a budget

Mangroves tour - As long as we are talking about Cartagena and since it seems we cannot have a newsletter without including Sarah Duncan from Sarepa - well she takes a reader on her six hour journey outside the walls of the Caribbean city. Check out her writing getting to know some interesting people and places.

Another Miss Universe from Colombia? - Last year Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega, won the Miss Universe pageant. Some of the most read blogs on our site are about the beauty of women from the country.  Well,  the 2015 Miss Colombia, Andrea Tovar, is from the department of Choco.  Will she make Colombia a two times in a row winner? Check for yourself on her Instagram account of Andreatov

Knowing about buying for yourself or investment in Medellin - Medellin in considered, climate wise, one of the best places in Colombia. It is also a favorite for expats. A new article in Colombia Reports by Brad Hinkelman covers most questions people have about buying property in and around Colombia's second largest city. There are also links to others who can help in the process. 

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November Blogs


Arte Luna - Sure there are plenty of places to sell you gifts from Colombia to take back home. But finding a place that sells true art pieces is not always easy. But we found a store that not only has beautiful pieces, but also helpful staff.
3 days in Barranquilla - too many or too few?  It is Colombia's 4th largest city. We spent three days there checking it out and found some interesting sights.
Probocatto - we have been enjoying this coffee shop for over a year. It has never disappointed us. We wrote about why.
Black Friday in Colombia?  - Our photo of the week shows that American advertising is taking over the world. Never have we seen this sale previously in this South American country
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