U.S. security with Colombian women, the Pope, hating politicians
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The Pope is Coming to Colombia & More News

Our September 2017 Newsletter

U.S. security agents should think about keeping it in their pants ; or are Colombian women really that beautiful

It started with President Obama visiting Colombia in 2012. At that time 11 secret service agents guarding him were caught with their pants down. More recently three married U.S. Marine officers had their computers stolen after soliciting sex workers in an off-limits area of Bogota. With Vice-President Mike Pence's visit last month again security detail members were dismissed after cavorting with Colombian women. The U.S. defense department, in one of those propaganda techniques stated that there is "no indication so far" that the women are "hookers." Now compare that to the number of times they use the word "prostitutes" instead of "hookers" in other incidents. And if not to try and fool the American people more the above linked Huffington Post article states about Obama's trip that "allegedly" prostitutes were with the men. The interviewed women afterwards admitted to being prostitutes. One of them even hired a lawyer and sued a Secret Service agent for not paying her. Then the HuffPost reporter, Doha Madani, writes "allegedly?" And she still has a job?

Still can't spell Colombia correctly

It is not difficult to find people spelling Colombia incorrectly. We wrote one such incidence in Singapore with the blog Sticking it to The Stamp Museum – Spelling Colombia Correctly. In double checking the above piece of news about U.S. security agents I used the Wikipedia list of trips made by President Obama in 2012. While they spelled the country correctly many times they still wrote, "Columbian President Santos." This is after previously they wrote the country correctly " President Santos of Colombia."

They changed their name to be the voice of "honest and good people of Colombia."

After over 50 years of trying to change the country with military action the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has become a political entity. To reflect their new role they changed one word in their name and are now the Revolutionary ALTERNATIVE Forces of Colombia. Still the acronym is FARC as Luciano Marin stated that they don't want to break with their past. He is quoted as saying, "We have been and will continue to be a revolutionary organization. We want to be the voice of the excluded, of those without a voice, those who live in misery, the voice f the honest and good people of Colombia.

Here comes the Pope

Colombia is 95% Catholic. President Juan Manual Santos won the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating a peace with the FARC. So yes, the Pope is coming. Signs have been up around Bogotá announcing his visit. The mass transportation, Transmilenio, has "Bienvenidos Papa" on their front LED screens. The Pontiff lands in this South American capital on Sept 6, 2017. You can find his complete schedule HERE. This is not the first papal visit. Pope Paul VI visited in 1968 and Pope John Paul II came in 1986.

Who stole the land?

According to the United Nations Colombian leads the world in internally displaced people. Another report states that 0.4% of the Colombians own 52% of the best land. With the peace with the former terrorist group, FARC, many people are to get their land back. But Colombia Reports has an interesting graph about where the land went and why many may not get theirs back.

Colombians hate terrorists, but they hate politicians more

An article by Colombia Reports claims that a Gallup Colombia poll shows 87% of urban dwellers disapprove of the country's political parties. Hmm, perhaps they have something there, The Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index rates the country as a very "Flawed democracy." Before U.S. citizens start getting too uppity, in the same index we also fell out of the "full democracy" section to "flawed democracy" in 2016.

Are all candidates for President of Colombia worshipers of the Leviathan?

At a recent social gathering I asked some Colombians who is running in the next presidential election. "About 30 people," one of the guests replied. The others just mirrored his thoughts. When I asked who would win head shaking and comments of "It doesn't really matter," came my way. There is an interesting writing by Pan Am Post titled Colombia 2018 Elections: All Candidates are Statists. Then Telesur TV writes about an Afro-Colombian woman who is also vying for the job.

Habits of happy people

OK, this one is not really Colombia, though one research named as the happiest people in the world. But we found this writing of THE 10 DAILY HABITS OF HAPPY PEOPLE to be very interesting.

Thank you for reading. Wishing you a great day.

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