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 Monthly News About Colombia

Not a good start to a new year

Hope your New Year started out with everything going your way. As for me I am taking the attitude that it can't get much worse. Things can only get better; I hope. We got hit the American expression that bad things come in three. The TV blew the circuit board, the car stopped running in the middle of Bogota at night and I am looking at a large dental bill after the root of one of my teeth shattered.

Despite the free trade agreement with the USA, televisions here are still way more expensive than they are in the USA. And as my wife likes to say, "A sale in Colombia is raising the price by 30% before giving you a 25% discount." Then if you purchase via credit card not only do they charge you the interest, but a few dollars each month for using the card.

My wife and I see a dentist annually. But it seems many old crowns and other things inside the mouth disintegrated at the same time. Right now I am looking at two implants and three crowns. Repair work has begun and my mouth is hurting from surgery of digging out all the little pieces of the root.  For those wondering about dental prices in Colombia, the quote they gave me for all the work mentioned above is 10 million pesos. At the current exchange rate that is about $3,400 USD.

After the car died my wife said, "Just sell it." I was reluctant until finding out that the entire computer blew (for the second time) and there is no guarantee on electrical parts. Yup, we sold the car, but did not get near enough money to purchase a new one. So it looks like public transportation for us.

I should say that buses and taxis are only for me for the time being. My wife left again for two months to help out her daughter in Switzerland. Grandson number two is expected any day now, so the dog and I are holding down the fort here in Bogota. 

I love good news like this - The International Association of Athletics Federation named Colombian long jump and triple jump specialist their female athlete of the year. Caterine Ibarguen is 34 years-old from a war-torn area of Colombia. Check out her award on the IAAF webpage.

Yes, another bomb went off in Bogota - . This time it was near a police academy and killed 21 people. But as usual, when you read the media reports and listen to the government there is so very much that just does not add up. Since no one has taken credit perhaps we might get the truth in a few years.

No, people are not walking around in fear because of the bomb. Everything seems to be going on as normal. In fact not a single person has mentioned anything to me about the explosion the blew the leaves off the trees. It has not come up in social conversation. 

Assassinations like in a movie - It seems every month or so some news comes out about a witness against a a prominent person in the government being assassinated. Like with the bombing this is another thing that people seem to treat like a normal everyday event. But if you are interested here is a news and video about the latest attempt. 

Then again after having a record year of killing social leaders in 2018, Colombia began 2019 with six murdered in the first week. 

Typical Bogota parking - Take a look at the photo above. Notice the  "no parking" sign. But everyone always parks on the streets anyway. I watched as the police came by, looked at the sign and cars, double parked their own vehicle, went into a store to get a treat for themselves then left. And there is a guy there who watches the cars and collects money for doing so. 

No Valentine's day - Remember that Colombians do not celebrate Valentine's day. But the country does supply about 75% of the roses sold in the USA. Colombians, however, do not miss out on showing each other how they feel. In September they celebrate Día del Amor y la Amistad. This year it is on September 21.

Thank you for reading. Sending you wishes for a great day.
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