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You have me, Michael, again writing the newsletter. Graciela made an emergency trip to Switzerland. Her grandson is in intensive care in Geneva. 

Muchas gracias to Lady at the El Dorado office of Aviatur in Bogota - My wife decided she needed to go to see her grandson on Saturday morning. We tried by Internet to get a flight out the same day with no success. Lady (her name) delivered exceptional customer service in not only getting Graciela a flight out that evening, but with great seats and taking care of expedited check-in. Check out the company's  website of for great deals on trips both within Colombia and the world. Or if you are at the airport stop by their office on the first floor of the international terminal. They can help you with flights and hotels to Medellín, Cartagena, Villavicencio and other parts of the country. 

Loving Pablo on the big screen - Another story about Pablo Escobar. According to Hollywood's Variety, the book written by Virginia Vallejo titled  Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar, is being made into a movie. Vallejo met Escobar in 1983. The story is from her perspective as his mistress. And yes, big name actors are in the main roles. 

A coffee box - This is not really Colombia, but it is coffee and to confuse things even more it is on website for Japanese tools. But hey why not have hot coffee at the job site?  I found this coffee brewing machine called a Coffee Boxx very interesting. It is crush proof to 1,500 lbs and it is even set to make 8 oz, 10 oz or 12 oz cups.  They even have a video. I still prefer my coffee in a quiet coffee shop without sawdust flying around. But to each their own.

Colombian woman makes over $100 million and her arrest only gets less than 7,000 views on Youtube - There is a Youtube video of Colombian police invading the home of Mara Cecilia Gordillo. The 52 year-old woman is accused of mining gold illegally. The whole legal / illegal thing has me baffled.  Her company is legal. However, the contention is the gold came from a mine that the government shut down. The video is in Spanish, but you can see it HERE. I just can't imagine a Youtube video like this being done in the USA. Interesting the way the Gordillo is dressed at the beginning of the video then in her arrest photo. 

Now it is the USA's Homeland Security that succumbs to Colombian women - Previously we wrote about  the security detail for President Obama, the security detail for Vice-President Mike Pence and U.S. embassy Marines being  caught with Colombian hookers. Now two Homeland Security agents working out of Miami took bribes (that included Colombian women) from drug lords in return for erasing records of criminal activity. Of course the drug lord is claiming the U.S. agent extorted him. You can read more about that on

You must see this video about Colombia - About a year ago the video, Colombia: Magia Salvaje (Wild Magic) proliferated in stores. This 1.5 hour documentary is Colombia at it's best. I wanted to purchased the CD for all my friends in the USA. The problem (besides money) was it was only available in Spanish. But now the problem is solved. You can find Colombia: Magia Salvaje on Netflix with English subtitles. Check it out, this is a Colombia much different than what one sees on the TV and reads in news media.

As I finish this newsletter my wife returned home, then left again for Switzerland after a few weeks .  I like to think that abuelita's presence has been a factor in her grandson doing better. The little guy, of just over 6 months, should be able to leave the hospital by the middle of November. And I may get my wife back.

Thank you for reading. We send you wishes for a great day.

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