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Our August 2017 Newsletter

Things are getting close to returning to normal for us. That means that soon we hope for more blog writings to appear on our site. 

Cycling is for everyone in Colombia

Colombian professional cyclists, like Nairo Quintana, have been making news in the Tour de France.  There is a reason Colombia is cycle country. What it offers anyone wishing to peddle their way around is amazing. Mountains, blue skies, challenging roads and more are here.  Aaron Gulley discovered it and wrote Colombia Just Might Be the Bucket-List Cycling Destination You’re Looking For. The author describes his exciting trip in florid writing even mentioning how on Sundays Bogotanos on bicycles take to the city streets. 

Read Spanish? Check out this Colombian travel blogger

You do not find too many Colombians blogging about travel around the world. But Andrea Benavides met a gringo in 2009 and picked up his traveling bug. Many countries later her blog shows a love of both her home country and travel. Check it out at 

Healing the Children for Latin America

The latest by the foundation is the job they did in Neiva, Colombia. On their website they wrote that the mission was "to establish long term treatment plans for children who are diagnosed with cleft lip and palate deformities." For more information read Our Neiva Mission

Is Colombia's economy in trouble?

In an article in Finance Colombia the author, Jared Wade, talks about Fitch Ratings latest report for Colombia. He also prognosticates about how the upcoming presidential election can affect plans for the country to maintain its creditworthiness. 

Rock climbing in Colombia

If you are one of those who enjoy a full body workout combined with the danger of Newton's law of gravity then blogger Sarepa has just the writing for you. Where to go rock climbing in Colombia. There are places around Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Medellin and Pasto.

Another fox guarding the chicken coop?

The website reported that Medellin's now ex-Security Secretary Gustavo Villegas has been arrested. In their article, Blurring the Line: The Security Secretary and the Medellín Mafia, the author writes, "Villegas represents a city elite prepared to sell out its poorest residents in return for a positive international image."

French Ambassador to Colombia, Gautier Mignot announces award to honor French citizen killed in Bogotá

23 year-old Julie Huynh came from Paris to help in a poor neighborhood of Bogota. It appears that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a bomb exploded in a gringolandia part of the city. The Colombia Reports article, France to honor Colombia bomb victim by sponsoring ‘social volunteer’ award gives more information and includes a video showing the ambassador and the work Julie did.

New blog about living in Medellin

Previous newsletters mentioned article written by Jeff Paschke for Medellin Living. Now the author has started his own blog site named Medellin Guru. He already has many fine writings and photos up, so check it out. 

Just because I look gringo does not mean I want an Americano

In her blog HOW TO ORDER AN ESPRESSO DRINK IN BOGOTA, Karen Attman states, "the waiter will just assume that an American (or any foreigner) is going to order an americano." Fortunately for me that happens mostly in gringolandia areas of the city. And I generally avoid those places. But her writing does a good job of explaining the difference between many drinks. BTW, I tried the Flat White in Australia. Naw, it is not really a winner that should be in Colombia. 

Is U.S. oil company putting money ahead of environment and protecting a unique river?

Hupecol Operating has sued Colombia for 28 million dollars because a community wants to protect one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Read more about that in US oil company sues Colombia for exploration ban near Caño Cristales 

Thank you for reading. We appreciate your support. Wishing everyone a great month. 


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